We Are All Just A Collection Of Moments

In all the memories we make, we are always surrounded by the essence of things we don’t know we are gonna remember in the coming times. A moment consists of the smiles, sudden gazes, limitless expressions, beautiful thoughts, and unwavering feelings. While being a part of these memories, we don’t realize how we’ll be remembered and what for. The beauty of just existing in moments is that we indeed create different visions of us in all dimensions.

When we think about it, it seems a little crazy or more like a lucid dream. Days pass but we don’t seem to quite keep any track of them. Changes occur and we belong in pieces all over, in different versions of ourselves in people’s minds. In some versions, we might be strangers who caught someone’s eye on the bus or one half of two people who had an old history.

Isn’t it amazing that we leave our bits and pieces in each other all along?

At times, we remember the pleasant, rusty smell of books, our first time walking carelessly in rain, or even the feeling of missing a train. These things not only hold onto that memory in our head but also allow us for a way to revisit what’s long gone. For a brief moment, we become that same old us again and relive what we’ve left behind. With that feeling, we also see ourselves mirroring the exact same scenario again with all the pictures in our head. Memories are always there, whether we like it or not. Our own existence moves forward to a path which is untaken, unseen. We move along the lines of what was to what can be. Moving on in life makes us more open to experiences, newness, and new drives. We see things, feel things, have our firsts or, hell, our lasts, but what we forget is that we’re making memories that are going to be a part of our lives, a part of us for the rest of eternity.

To reflect and think about all this makes me wonder if we are nothing but each other in each other. I might’ve been you or you might’ve been me somewhere in the memory lane of our lives. Well, as a matter of fact, we forever forget to look back and cherish what we had, what we’ve come from, or what we’ve felt. Maybe this is the reason why we pause and get lost in that brief moment when a memory strikes us back in a sudden moment.