We Must Honor The Soil And The Sky

I have never felt more
Like I belong in the world
Than when I am outside in Nature

It is similar to the joy I feel
Laughing with friends and family—
That moment of complete understanding
And peace

But Nature doesn’t disappoint me
Like people do
Nature doesn’t pollute
Or create toxic waste
We are the destructors of Earth
Trying to save face
Hoping now it’s not too late  

We assume from birth
We are entitled to this World
And do as we see fit to please ourselves

When did the focus turn
To momentary pleasure?
When did we forget
To live as our ancestors
With reverence and respect
For our home?
To view with awe the phenomena
That makes everyday life extraordinary?

We are miracles
Life is a miracle
The Earth should always come first
This is how we must base our worth
On how we treat our home, our world 

How do we join together
In the midst of strife and war?
It seems like we understand each other
Less than ever before 

And yet, we are so connected virtually
Is this not a form of spirituality
“I am here for you”
“I’ll be there for you”
Has anyone ever said this to the Earth before?

We have just begun
Once, we were just one
But now we are finally
Waking up to reality
We see the animals suffering
The ocean suffering
The trees dying
And politicians lying
What can we possibly do?

We must love one another always
And go out in Nature every day
Only then we’ll find the answers
While listening to the silence
Which isn’t really silence
It’s the breath of life
The pulse of the Earth
Can you hear its echo? 

The ocean caressing the sand
The birds calling to the sun
The clouds shifting shapes
Reflections on the lake

How many people find solace in the mountains
Standing in the splendor of such majesty
How many of us wait for the trees
To color their leaves
Every autumn
How many of us find peace
Walking on white sanded beaches 

We must honor the soil and the sky,
Our teachers
That teach us of perseverance
To subsist despite what life brings
Too little or too much
Life is about balance
And Nature shows this is so

We cannot save her alone
We must dispel our cynicism and doubt
We will be nothing without our home, our house
So join me and commit
To doing your best
For the Earth and humanity
Open your heart
And share hope with me
Be active in the eco community
Speak up for your beliefs and dreams
Do not hide in fear and shame
Stand up and state your name
And explain why our world is worth saving