20 People Are Trying To Identify Weird Objects They Found, And They’re Extremely Creepy

“Found this on the side of the road in my neighborhood. Thought it was a brain, then dissected it and now I have no idea. Lots of small lobes, fuzzy inside, rubbery?”

From u/Godbleththismeth

“What is this bubbling out of the ground in my yard? Purplish metallic goo inside. Keeps bubbling even if I dig a thin layer down with a shovel.”

From u/ckal9

“Found while trail running. What are these things? There’s rotten wood that goes along it that looks cut/altered by man. Would it be for making a flat surface to easily maneuver the mine?”

From u/TheBumpinSexies

“These appeared in my friend’s backyard. They are gelatinous but start to dissolve when you start touching them.”

From u/wixterix

“6 inches tall, 4 inches wide. Feels metal-ish. Found in the Colorado foothills.”

From u/CNBGVepp

“Found 100 feet underground in old cave/mine. It’s rusted metal, about two feet tall with pipes attached. The white thing is electrical wire wrapped around it.”

From u/Tipilihc

“Staying at an Airbnb. Why does the vent have a green light inside it?”

From u/JackOfAllMemes

So, I found this thing on Google Maps, it’s a very strange feature that I can’t find anything but conflicting info about online. Google Maps says it’s a train but how? Why? Does anyone have any solid facts about what this is?

From u/Zachman97

“Bundle of rubbery sheets found washed up on a beach in the Caribbean.”

From u/trinisk8er

“Seen in an old graveyard. About 9 foot tall.”

From u/MollDoll1115

“I always pass this on the way to my cabin in Hocking Hills (Ohio). It’s roughly fifteen feet off the road and appears to be inset into the hill. It looks like there is a little chimney on top. What is this thing?”

From u/hobbesent12

“A tunnel in a basement of a Pennsylvania rowhouse.”

From u/Bll9tu

“Any thoughts about what these structures are in the Sahara Desert? 22.1127, -12.0785”

From u/CTB2031

“Huge metal cylinder found in the middle of the woods (Central Pennsylvania).”

From u/debauched_sloth_

“Found in a molehill near a 17th Century graveyard at Kilmadock, Scotland. What is this thing?”

From u/Spooged_Potato

“Wooden chute covered with beams near Durango Colorado.”

From u/andybogo

“Metallic ring with central slider and numbers engraved.”

From u/UX_KRS_25

“Just bought a lake home and found three of these in the water next to the pier. Criss-cross stack of corrugated pipes wrapped in plastic netting all weighed down by bricks.”

From u/LardLad00

“Combination lock in cement, buried underground.”

From u/bubbasaurus

“These strange dust patterns keep showing up on screens of my apartment windows.”

From u/throw_me_away1993