Jenny Woods

What Each Love Language Does When They Are Secretly Unhappy In A Relationship

Words of Affirmation

They compliment you less than usual. They stop saying I love you back when you say it. They stop using as many emojis and explanation points in their texts. In fact, the time spent between texting you lasts longer and longer. And when they tell you stories about what happened at work or what they did with their friends over the weekend, those stories are quicker than normal. They stop telling you the little details and only give you the gist. They close themselves off, they keep their secrets to themselves.

Acts of Service

They stop doing little things for you. They eat dinner before you get home instead of waiting for you to sit down at the table. They leave the dishes piled up in the sink for you to take care of instead of helping you clean them. They watch episodes of your favorite show without you. They go out with their friends without bothering to ask if you’d like to join. They start doing things on their own terms without considering how it might make you feel.

Receiving Gifts

They stop counting down the days until the holidays or until your anniversary. They ask if you want to skip the gifts this year or if you want to agree to only spend a few dollars on presents. And they stop expecting you to bring a candy bar home from the store for them or surprise them with new jewelry. And when you do, they don’t seem as excited as they usually do. They act like you shouldn’t have done that for them, like they don’t want anything you have to offer, like they can take care of themselves.

Quality Time

They stop rearranging their schedule to see you. They spend more and more time at work. They make excuses about being busy and not being able to stop by after their shift is over, even though they usually jump at the opportunity to see you. All of a sudden, they start choosing their friends and their hobbies and even sleeping over you. They distance themselves from you physically, as well as emotionally. They keep you out of sight and out of mind.

Physical Touch

They hug you less. They kiss you on the lips less. Instead of cuddling with you to fall asleep, they roll over to their own side of the bed. They let go of your hand soon after you reach over to hold it. They make excuses for why they don’t want to fool around. They shy away whenever you touch them, because they don’t want your hands on them. They want their personal space.