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What Each Zodiac Can Expect From The Full Moon In Sagittarius

Full moons always illuminate the secret and private parts of our lives, occasionally in disruptive ways. They are periods of release and acceptance, not intention or goal-setting; though every ending inevitably leads to a new beginning, it is better to view the full moon as a period of rest and recuperation, even self-care, than a time of intentional planning.

Though some characteristics of full moons are fairly universal (strange dreams, emotional reactivity, restlessness, and a higher rate of random accidents and injuries), it requires some astrological knowledge to discern exactly what the upcoming full moon will bring. You can do this by reviewing not only the sign but the degree it occurs at, along with any aspects the sun and moon are making to the ruler of the full moon.

In this case, that’s Jupiter, as the full moon will be at 2° of Sagittarius. According to degree theory, this suggests a Taurean element to this cosmic event: themes surrounding money, wealth, greed, land, and food, as they pertain to religious and foreign affairs, will be highlighted. As expansive, truth-seeking Jupiter continues to hold court in the sign of Taurus, the theme of money is even further emphasized.

There is a strong likelihood that secretive financial dealings amongst clergy, academic leaders, and foreign leaders will be revealed, bringing light to fraud and deception that the community at large deserves to be aware of.

The full moon will take place at exactly 9:53 AM EST on May 23rd, closing a cycle that began on or around December 12, 2023. Collectively, we will unburden ourselves from the fears that have plagued us since the wintertime. How we have individually chosen to react to global events are vast; while some have been feeling an impending sense of scarcity, rushing to hoard wealth and food in expectation of an apocalyptic scenario, others have listened keenly for the backbeat of revolution in the street.

Whether hope or despair has fuelled participation in this revival, every activist and doomsday prophet alike has done so with a radical bent. The young are at the gates, and times are about to change.

How is this full moon going to change your life, on an individual level? Can you expect peace or protest? It might be a bit of both. Read your forecast below according to your rising sign, rather than your sun sign, if you’d like to be sufficiently prepared.


With the full moon lighting up your ninth house, you’ll be fixated on everything associated with your big-picture goals, including formal education, religion, and cultural immersion. Now is the time during which you will reap the rewards of whatever you started sowing back in December. If you have been awaiting a letter of acceptance into a post-grad program or an artists’ residency in Italy, this might be the day good luck arrives in your inbox. On the other hand, you might close a chapter, leaving behind a cultural or religious tradition that no longer serves you—or spontaneously pack your bags for a meditation retreat. Just in time for the long and luxurious days of summer, the universe is calling on you to embrace your inner flower child.


The full moon is cruising through your eighth house and bringing to light revelations surrounding your shared resources, so while some of you will be merging finances through marriage, others will be acquiring inheritances and payouts they’ve been awaiting since mid-December. Those of you who have just hit the six-month mark with a new partner may learn some dealbreakers about their partner, whether those relate to sexuality or worldview. Sex around this time is electric and profound, and you can theoretically bond on a deeper soul level with your partner. This is good news if you’re in a happy relationship; not so much if you’re trying to cut ties for good. Don’t text your ex.


This full moon is less about you and more about how you cooperate with others, and many of you have learned some relationship lessons the hard way over the past six months. Since the new moon back in December, many of you have entered into new relationships—and this is the time of reckoning for all of those who are starting to feel the honeymoon period wane. Under the stark light of this full moon, all of your partners’ traits—the good, the bad, and the ugly—will become unavoidably evident. Your challenge for this transit is to figure out if—or how—you can balance your individuality with your partners’ needs. If you’re better off alone, you’ll know it by the end of this week. On the other hand, if your relationship is built on a solid foundation, you might close out the full moon with a ring on your finger.


Your day-to-day life has undergone a major cosmic review since the new moon in December, and now, with the full moon once again lighting up your sixth house, you’ll be forced to examine whether your current routine is working for you or not. For some of you, health issues have complicated your ability to show up to your desk every day; others have utilized their spark of energy to work overtime and are now facing severe burnout. Many of you will reconsider whether your job is truly right for you, especially if you’re struggling to maintain a work-life balance. If you’ve been secretly coveting your best friend’s WFH situation, you might be tempted to seek out an opportunity that allows for a bit more freedom during the week.


With the full moon occurring in your fifth house, some of you will receive happy news regarding pregnancy this week, especially if you’ve been trying to conceive since mid-December. If you’re already pregnant, your Gemini baby might make a surprise early entrance, ushering a new era of responsibility and excitement all at once. If you’re cringing at the very idea of having kids at this point in your life, never fear; there are plenty of other manifestations of this Sagittarian energy, such as the launch of a brand-new creative project you’ve been working on for the past six months. Your diligence will pay off, providing you with a lucrative opportunity to monetize your artistic aspirations—and perhaps allow yourself a more flexible schedule. Everybody is craving the four-day work week these days. You deserve it as much as anyone.


Something about your home and family life shifted dramatically back in December. Many of you relocated at some point since 2024 began, buying dream homes and starting over in new cities far from your roots. Those of you who stayed put likely encountered more people from different cultural and religious backgrounds, integrating yourself into spaces that expand your horizons. Even as you’ve embraced this new season of life with gratitude and pride, you’ve likely been struggling with some secret fears about your ability to maintain your lifestyle financially—or guilt about leaving relatives behind. This full moon in your fourth house will bring closure to this period of grief, allowing you to wallow a bit in the complexities. Uprooting yourself takes strength and courage. It’s okay to have self-doubt, but if you let it consume you, you will become paralyzed.


Your third house is illuminated by the full moon, bringing secrets to light about your neighbors and siblings. Since mid-December, many of you have been clashing ideologically with your family and your community; your peacekeeping desires have put you in a difficult position, where you’ve felt the need to hold the line for some important cause despite existing familial bonds and alliances. Your strength of character and integrity is about to be rewarded. Fences could be mended this week, and you could get the satisfaction of saying, “I told you so.” On the other hand, your family might double down on their beliefs, offering you a chance at closure. If a relationship is meant to end, inevitably it will. There’s no use fighting for common ground if your opponent has firmly dug in their heels.


With the full moon casting light on your second house of finances, you’re about to see some big changes to your bank account—and depending on what you began cultivating back in the middle of December, your payout could be impressive. If you began a new job or started a new business six months ago, this is the stage at which you might see some serious momentum. If, on the other hand, your job has felt like a stagnant and monotonous Groundhog Day situation, you might finally feel the push to quit and live off your savings for a while until you find more fulfilling work. Remember: if your work is aligned with your deepest convictions, you’ll feel a sense of satisfaction that makes you eager to wake up in the morning. If it’s freedom you’re seeking, you might not have to look much further. A more abundant life is just around the corner.


The full moon is casting light and shadow upon your first house of physical appearance and identity, so if you’ve been feeling the need to rebrand, it’s time. For the past six months since the new moon, you’ve been fighting the persistent, nagging urge to start over. Some of you have already been putting in the work: dutifully waking up early to do pilates before your commute, eating well, drinking less, and perfecting your skincare routine. Even if you’ve started a new job or been promoted to a higher role at your company, you might still be feeling as though your presentation is misaligned with your goals. Treat yourself to a spa day, do some retail therapy, or book yourself a hair appointment at the expensive salon for once.


If you’ve been spending more time alone since December, don’t worry. You’ll be back in action soon. The completion of this six-month cycle culminates with the full moon in your twelfth house, where you’ve spent an uncomfortable period ruminating on your mental well-being, addictive traits, and subconscious fears. Those of you who started therapy as your New Year’s resolution will begin to see some real, concrete results from all that introspection, journaling, and CBT workbooks. While you may experience some heavy emotions during this full moon, feeling overly self-critical and depressed, you’ll most likely leave this phase a stronger and more psychologically resilient person. Since you thrive in high-stress environments, it’s important for you to focus on maintaining a mind as healthy as your body.


Since the new moon in the middle of December, you’ve been gradually broadening your social network, for better or for worse. As a natural individualist and eccentric, your attempts at collaboration may have been a bit rocky at first; for many of you over the course of your lifetime, friendships have been burdensome and you’ve avoided integrating yourself too deeply into any group that could potentially limit your own freedom. However, recently you’ve been learning the benefits to mentorship: from spiritual leaders, mentors, and teachers of all sorts. Some of you have found this through religious community; others, through academia. Still others have flourished in a foreign country, immersing yourself fully in a culture that was, at first, deeply unfamiliar to you. With the full moon illuminating your eleventh house, you’re now about to become very aware of who you can trust and who you can’t. Your true companions will come with you into the next chapter of your life, while the fairweather friends will disappear.


Are you ready to take center stage this week? The full moon in your tenth house lights up your career and social status, bringing lots of attention your way—whether you want it or not. Those of you who are already influencers or public figures could face scandals; think back to mid-December and try to recall if you may have unleashed a badly worded tweet or an unflattering Instagram story when you were drunk. The consequences could come back to haunt you around this time. If, on the other hand, you’ve been critical about what you share publicly, you are likely to be elevated to a position of authority and be celebrated for your contributions. The spotlight is on you.