What Each Zodiac Needs To Remember As April Turns To May

What Each Zodiac Needs To Remember As April Turns To May


Remember, your productivity is not tied to your worth. You are allowed to just exist. You don’t have to spend every waking moment up to your knees in work.


Remember, progress is more of a zigzag than a straight line. It’s okay if you go off course or fall back a bit. You’re still getting there.


Remember, even though the person might be right, the timing might not be. It’s okay to part ways. You could always find your way back to each other in the future.


Remember, your milestones are going to be reached at a different pace than your peers. It doesn’t mean you’re behind or are doing the wrong thing. You’re simply different people on different paths.


Remember, you shouldn’t judge yourself based on your worst days. Everyone goes through struggles. Everyone makes mistakes. You’re human, so don’t tear yourself apart too much.


Remember, you shouldn’t feel stupid for getting hurt by someone you trusted. It was their fault. Not yours. There’s nothing wrong with opening yourself up to someone, even if it turned out to be the wrong someone.


Remember, your opinions matter. You shouldn’t silence yourself to make others comfortable. You’re allowed to speak your mind.


Remember, you’re allowed to break down. You’re allowed to cry your eyes out. Your emotions deserve to be released. You don’t have to push them away. It’s healthier to let them loose.


Remember, nothing ever goes according to plan. You need to remain flexible. It’s smart to think ahead, but you can’t be so rigid that you don’t allow room for change.


Remember, your relationships aren’t supposed to leave you exhausted. They’re supposed to leave you fulfilled. If someone keeps hurting you, it’s time to walk away.


Remember, you aren’t going to reach success on the first try. There is a lot of failure that comes before the biggest wins.


Remember, people care what you think. You can make an impact. A kind word could change someone’s entire day.