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What Every Zodiac Sign Needs To Hear Before February 1


This is your reminder to let go of the emotions that aren’t healthy or productive. You have a tendency to hold onto rage and disappointment and betrayal longer than necessary—but in the end, it never gets you anywhere you hope it will and it always hurts you the most. Sometimes you just have to wash your hands of it and move forward.


It’s important for you to understand your worth on your terms, not anyone else’s. Look for the things about yourself that you find most admirable—maybe your humor, or your work ethic, or your kindness, or your intelligence—and remind yourself that no matter what anyone else thinks, that is something that is valuable to you.


It’s okay to admit when you need help. You don’t always like showing others your vulnerabilities, sometimes not even your closest friends and allies, but admitting something is difficult to do alone isn’t a weakness—being too proud to admit it is. Allow others to be there for you.


Stop selling yourself short. You have a tendency to compare yourself to others, but in doing that, you always seem to find new ways to believe you’re lacking. Instead of obsessing over the ways you worry you aren’t enough, focus on all the good things that you are—because they’re there, and they deserve your attention.


You shine so brightly, so let yourself be a light to others who need it most. You get some of the most positive results when you put your energy toward others, so when you have the chance, go out of your way to make someone’s day—it might not be a big deal to you, but it might mean everything to them.


You don’t always know what’s best for someone else. It’s easy to look at someone else’s choices and life path and judge them for where they’re going, but the truth is, you can’t always understand someone until you’ve been in their shoes. Let people do what they think is best for themselves.


You can’t fix other people’s problems, but you can hold their hand while they fix it themselves. It’s not your job, nor should it be, to clean up someone else’s mess—that’s their journey, not yours. But you can listen to them, and you can encourage them, and you can love them. Believe that that’s enough.


Sometimes the kindest thing you can do for yourself is to do something for someone else. By showing others genuine love and compassion, they’re more likely to return the favor, and in doing that you’re able to form a deeper connection with them. By treating someone with kindness, you’re showing them how they should treat you.


The world is not out to get you. Sometimes you draw all the wrong cards and sometimes the dice falls in all the wrong ways but at the end of the day it’s not some conspiracy against you. Have faith that bad luck can eventually change into something good and that the people who do you wrong don’t necessarily do it with bad intentions. Have faith that the world is a good place.


Take a break—even if you feel like you’re falling behind. Even when you feel like you’re failing. Working yourself to the bone likely won’t change the situation, it’ll just make you feel more exhausted in the end. If you want to do well, you have to put your health first. To set yourself up for success, you must let yourself rest.


Trust your foresight. Sometimes people will try to convince you that your intuition is off or that you’re too idealistic in the way you perceive the world, but you have a way of thinking that allows you to see possibilities that others can’t quite comprehend. Trust your vision of your life.


Stand up for yourself. The world can be a hard and cruel place, but the worst thing you can do is allow yourself to bend to it. Know that you are valid and worthy and that no one gets to treat you badly—and if they do, no matter who they are, you’re allowed to set boundaries. You are strong enough to be your own hero.