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What Every Zodiac Sign Needs To Hear Before June 5


Your self-righteousness is often admirable, but sometimes you can be so convinced the world is black and white that you miss out on the nuances of experience. Instead of immediately shooting down the opinions that don’t align with yours, make sure to listen completely to the things others are saying and try to understand why they see things the way they do. That doesn’t mean you have to give up your own beliefs, it simply means you respect others enough to hear them out, even if you don’t agree.


You don’t always have to know exactly where you’re going. You like having a goal, a finish line in sight, but goalposts often move and sometimes straightforward paths become twisted. That doesn’t mean you’re not put together enough or that you’re failing in some capacity. There is power in admitting that you don’t know where this journey is taking you and accepting it for what it is.


Remember that what you’re going through right now isn’t what you’ll be going through forever. Some days are harder than others; some weeks will feel impossible. If anyone knows anything about the nature of change, it’s you—so hold tightly to the truth that even your situation will change, though it may be hard to believe it in the moment. There is so much beauty up ahead, just keep looking for it.


You will never meet everyone’s expectations, so stop trying. If you keep trying to be who everyone wants you to be, you’ll lose sight of who you actually are. There is so much power to be gained from letting go of other people’s opinions and instead choosing to love yourself for the person you are in this very moment, because once you accept yourself, it doesn’t matter who else does.


When you need help, ask for it. There is no shame in knowing when you don’t have the resources you need or have lost your sense of control—in fact, there is something admirable about being honest with yourself and others. No one will think less of you for reaching out when you need it. Life is difficult in many ways, so don’t make it harder on yourself by swallowing your words and opting for silence. No one has it all together all the time—not even you.


Self-compassion isn’t always your strong suit, so it’s important to remind yourself that you are human and you are doing the best you can. Forgive yourself for the times you felt like you weren’t enough and let go of the expectations you’re not sure you’ll ever meet. Instead of focusing on who you could be, take some time to focus on who you are—even the messiest parts—and give yourself the love and acceptance your soul has been craving.


Be careful about what (and who) you may be romanticizing. Oftentimes our own fantasies are more beautiful than reality, and because of that, it’s easy to project our feelings and see something that isn’t really there. When we build something up in our heads, it can knock us completely off-kilter when that image is eventually ripped apart. Be careful about holding on too tightly to what you want to be true instead of what actually is.


You’re allowed to admit when something has hurt you. You can be such a soft soul, but you have a tendency to choose hiding that underneath the hard exterior of your shell over giving into the vulnerability it takes to be honest about your emotions. Expressing your feelings doesn’t make you weak or broken or less than, and bottling up negativity will only hurt you more in the end. 


Sometimes we use fun as a distraction from dealing with the more difficult things in life. While there’s nothing wrong with preferring positive experiences, don’t let it become a crutch that keeps you from dealing with the nitty gritty in life—the painful emotions, the serious situations, the decisions you can’t seem to make. Toxic positivity is just as harmful as any other toxic emotion, so make sure you aren’t neglecting important aspects of your life or your healing by prioritizing good vibes.


A difficult truth: You don’t get to decide how worthy you are. The good news: That’s only because you are worthy, whether you recognize it or not. You don’t need a list of successes or a shelf full of trophies or your boss’s praise to prove that. You can be so hard on yourself, but just because you can’t see your own value doesn’t mean it isn’t there. It does make life a lot easier when you learn to recognize it, though.


There will always be someone who won’t understand you, but choose to focus on the people who do. Life isn’t about being loved and understood by all but about finding those who will love you for exactly who you are. Let the acceptance of your found family be enough to drown out the opinions of those who simply cannot connect with you on the same level.


You don’t always have to be the emotional crutch. It’s admirable to be able to truly be there for people, to be the shoulder to cry on, but it’s equally admirable to set boundaries and stick with them. You don’t have to set aside your own emotions to cater to others’, and you don’t have to drown yourself just to keep someone else above water. It’s often a balancing act, so make sure the scales aren’t too tipped in one direction.