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What Your Favorite ‘Bridgerton’ Love Interest Says About You

Simon Bassett (The Duke)

If your favorite love interest is Simon Bassett, you’re probably the kind of person who decides they like something and then never strays from that decision (like the kind of person who loves vanilla ice cream and therefore only orders vanilla ice cream). You value intellectualism and tend to be attracted to logical thinkers and people who might have a little bit of a control problem (I’m not saying you like to be controlled, but don’t lie—you know you think it’s sexy). You like your crushes to be Very Hot and Very Emotionally Unavailable—it’s much more fun to yearn after someone (to burn for them) than to actually deal with the realities of a relationship, anyway. You have a savior complex.

Daphne Bridgerton

You like your love interests a little bit boring, don’t you? (You might be the person who always orders vanilla ice cream not because you’ve decided it’s your favorite but because you don’t actually like any real flavor. Just kidding—sort of.) You like it when your crushes play it coy (especially when they might be a little bit on the innocent side) and can keep up with your banter. You probably like people best when you don’t know them well because you can project your ideals onto them—and then act shocked when you actually get to know them and realize they’re nothing like you thought. Be careful, because you might also be the kind of person who expects your significant others to be a little too perfect.

Anthony Bridgerton (The Viscount)

You are hot. Just kidding! (No I’m not.) If the viscount is your favorite love interest, you’re a passionate person who gets fired up easily and who sometimes blurs the lines between love and hate—in a sexy way, probably. You have some sort of parental trauma (don’t we all?) and that tends to show up in your love life in some form or another, whether it’s reflected in the partner you choose or in the way you constantly fall in love with people who want to fix you. You love the tension and the chase as much as you love love (maybe more!), and you’re probably extremely attracted to people who are attracted to you. Your favorite form of foreplay is light bullying.

Kate Sharma

You are also hot. You like when people tell you what to do, only because you love disobeying them. You’re the kind of person who tells everyone that you don’t need love, but you’re secretly always hoping for it anyway. You probably take on too much responsibility (in life) and prefer your emotional connection runs as deep as your physical connection (in relationships). You love bantering, but sometimes take it too far and can get a little mean about it—though you might actually prefer it that way (and hey, so might your own love interests). You might worry you’re a little unlovable at times but are probably blind to the people who are actually interested in you. You also understand the sex appeal of someone riding in on a horse.

Colin Bridgerton

You’re someone who appreciates relationships that start as friendships—perhaps to the degree that you friendzone people you’re actually interested in. You’re attracted to the puppy dog type of people—not necessarily the most intellectual people, and not always the most fun people, but definitely the sweet, soft-hearted, adorable types. Your crushes always tend to be super caught up on their past relationships and you are so sure you can fix them (even though you can’t, that is just part of their personality, you might as well admit it to yourself). You like to talk to your love interests about what you believe are Very Deep Topics and definitely judge people by their ambitions. You are probably crushing on one of (or most of) your friends.

Penelope Featherington

You’re a sucker for unrequited love—you claim it’s just a coincidence that all your crushes are unavailable in some way, but we’re not fooled! You’re in it for that deep, slow-burn, fated sort of love—and because of that, you probably crush on someone for years before ever making a move. (You claim you’re always overlooked but you also probably give no obvious indication when you’re interested in someone, insisting that they should know because you give off a vibe, though in reality you try hard to hide your true feelings because you’re scared of being rejected.) You like to torture yourself over your crushes and have definitely written poetry about people you’ve never been in a relationship with. It’s possible you find people less attractive when you find out they’re actually interested in you.

Eloise Bridgerton

You think love should be an intellectual battlefield. Because of that, you can sometimes be a little uncomfortable by the physical aspect of relationships and might prefer flirting to actually hooking up (at least at first). You insist you don’t care for love or relationships in the traditional sense, which is why you’re super secretive about your crushes—your image is at stake here! Besides, crushes are so embarrassing. You probably don’t subscribe too strictly to femininity or masculinity (and are probably attracted to people who break the mold in this respect), though your belief systems aren’t quite so fluid—you are very self-righteous and can’t imagine dating someone who doesn’t have pretty much the exact same values as you.

Theo Sharpe

You love the thrill of meeting someone for the first time—there’s an appeal to not knowing someone well and not being able to predict what will come next. You love it when people challenge your beliefs or make you see things in a new light, and nothing is sexier than someone who surprises you. This is also why you probably haven’t had a lot of serious, long-term relationships—once something becomes too routine or predictable, it loses its spark for you. You probably consider your ideal type a Manic Pixie Dream Girl. You also probably see yourself as a relationship martyr.

Benedict Bridgerton

You love the hot artist types. Or you like the hot funny types. Or you like the fun casual types. You don’t take love (or life) too seriously. You’re a sucker for charisma and probably think flirting should always involve a healthy amount of wit. You are probably spontaneous, mischievous, and very cool. We would be friends IRL.

Edwina Sharma

Stop lying to yourself.