Taylor Swift

What Your Favorite Taylor Swift Album Says About The Way You Love

Let’s be honest: there are countless reasons why so many of us love Taylor Swift’s music. Her confessional style and lyrical imagery have made a huge impact on the music industry and the lives of her fans.

Yet, as to be expected, we all are drawn to certain songs and albums more than others. Even if you truly love every body of work she’s released, our favorites exist for a reason. Each album she has released seems to encapsulate feelings about love, life, and how to navigate them. That being said, your favorite may reflect a little more about yourself than you realize—particularly about how you view and embrace love.

Check out your favorite Taylor Swift Album below to see what it says about the way you love!

Taylor Swift (Debut)

You are idealistic and hopeful when it comes to love. You have more crushes than you know what to do with, but can even be a little shy in your approach. Part of you holds tight to the idea of someone pursuing you and settling down, and you gravitate towards people who you consider a best friend. When you’re with someone, you are there for them and support them wholeheartedly, but if you feel slighted or that someone else is taking your place, you have…well, a lot to say about that.

Fearless (Taylor’s Version)

You want to believe love is a fairytale, for better or worse. You’ve seen multiple movie versions of Romeo and Juliet, and while their story didn’t end too well, you prefer to rewrite the endings into something more wholesome. You are caring and optimistic, and you’ll go out of your way to shower someone with affection and all your attention if they have feelings for you. In some ways, love may feel new to you—perhaps you haven’t found that “big love” that you’ve been hoping for, but you’re sure it’s out there.

Speak Now

You’re caught up in the *big feelings* of love and heartbreak; you feel everything so much. To you, love is all or nothing–if you’re going to fall, you’re going to fall hard. You aren’t afraid to kiss someone in the pouring rain or daydream about a future with someone the moment you meet them. You truly embody the idea of the “hopeless romantic,” and you commit to the role. You give your full heart, attention, and adoration to those who cause those sparks to light up inside of you.

Red (Taylor’s Version)

This line from the opening track sums you up pretty well: “love is a ruthless game, unless you play it good and right.” You are aware that love is dynamic, complex, and has more to it than meets the eye. However, you’re still just as likely to fall for the people you shouldn’t, trust those who sweep you off your feet, and run away with someone if the moment feels right. You keep your heart stitched to the inside of your sleeve, and you may keep your feelings hidden until you’re deep into a relationship. In your mind, love is a beautiful thing, but you don’t see it as fragile—it’s something worth risking it all for.


You view love as a sort of escape— you focus a little more on the idea of love than love itself. This isn’t always a bad thing but causes tension when you find yourself feeling more than you anticipated. You are extremely well acquainted with pining for someone you can’t have, and if you get too close to someone, you push them away before things can get too serious. You want love to last and to stick around, but part of you can’t trust that you won’t get hurt in the process.


If we are honest, you have had some serious trust issues in love—but you’ve earned them. You probably have an anxious attachment. You prefer to keep your relationships quiet and aren’t one to gush about them publicly. You feel things deeply, and you value your privacy—but when you’re in love, you desire to let someone in. You want someone to love you for better or worse, but sometimes you can project some of your past issues onto your current relationship, even if it doesn’t deserve it. Yet when you feel you can trust someone, you are all in—you won’t hold back your heart if you believe it’s safe in their hands.


When you’re in love (or desperately want to be), you don’t care who knows it! You feel secure in sharing your love with the world, even when things aren’t always perfect. You believe love thrives when you’re fully seen for who you are, and you give your partner the same courtesy. You approach love with expectations, but you leave room for growth and understanding—you know that being in love doesn’t equal perfection. You believe love is something that can overcome so much, and that you are stronger for it on the other side.


You believe in love, but you approach it with caution. You are more aware than most that while love has its unreal highs, it can deliver devastating lows, and at times it’s hard for you to believe love can be everything you were taught it was growing up. You have a soft spot for nostalgia and the past, and you have a hard time accepting change in your relationships because part of you still holds onto what could have been. You constantly worry that the person you love isn’t going to stick around, and you prefer to knock someone off a pedestal before you have the chance to let yourself love them fully. You try your best in love, but you tend to keep your guard up in fear that things won’t work out.


You treat love as an epic saga—you will throw yourself into intense connections, but you’re fully aware that love is just as easily lost as it is found. You are protective of love when you have it—you want the world to just exist between the two of you. When you don’t have it, you spend so much time wondering about the “what-ifs.” You aren’t okay with love that is average or simple; you want something that will change your life. However, you’re pretty good about communicating expectations and setting boundaries, which is necessary for genuine love.


You’ve been through the wringer in love, and it shows. You have had to learn a lot of lessons the hard way, which can come back to bite you in your current relationships. You believe love is worth learning from, though, which in some ways can benefit you and your partner, especially when you trust them with your past. However, sometimes you are convinced that what happened to you once can happen again, and you can be a self-fulfilling prophecy at times. You know exactly what you want, and you won’t stop until you achieve it, and you are only willing to invest in people who are willing to love and accept you as you are.