Oleg Magni

What’s Coming Is Better Than What’s Already Gone

Not everything in life is long lasting. The days we believed in patience turned into the days with no patience at all. Loving midnight conversations turn into deserted sleepy nights, and maybe life seems to turn into a survival battle in itself. Things either go our way or the highway, and it’s always swinging between two basic extremes: peace and chaos.

Peace has different interpretations for different people, and so does chaos. It doesn’t always matter where we go or what we do, we always strive for peace whether within or in the outside environment. Life doesn’t always have to be happy-go-lucky for anyone on this planet; everyone has their fair share of ups and downs. This world is shaped around the circle of our lives. At times, we feel so disturbed by the things that we normally always do yet feel like our world crashing down. We’ve got to have faith in ourselves that this hard time shall pass. After all, nothing is permanent in this circle that we live in. We’re designed this way so that we feel things too deeply. It is our very nature, but the most beautiful thing is that we should always think about or at least look on the brighter side of all the dark places.

When we think about it, it is pretty unreal how we work on things despite being at our lowest point and rise up to the top. It doesn’t really matter if we get on the top in a literal sense; sometimes the best is getting ourselves together and just trying to breathe in that moment. No one has given a proper definition of what is exactly “enough.” What I feel is that being true to your own self, trying to figure out how to make yourself happy, how to get through a bad day without ruining it for anybody else, how to wipe your own tears, how to get up when you don’t feel like doing any damn thing, or just to be at peace with your own flaws is what makes up the word “enough”.

There might have been a lot of scenarios where you may have felt like giving up or thought to yourself that this is never going to end at all, but the irony is that there comes a time when we completely forget the fear that we had and just remember how we felt. This life is too short to cry about things not working out. Strength does not come from what you can do, but it comes from overcoming the things you thought you couldn’t. There are no definite maps to good things but just a thread of what we call hope.

We have a universe around us lacking nothing at all and all those goddamn stars sprinkled all over the majestic sky. Yet, how do we still think that the one who created all this magic would’ve left us deprived of it? Maybe we have better things coming, but the only way to witness those is to let everything be and come out the other side. All we are supposed to actually do is immerse ourselves in the realization that what’s coming is better than what’s gone.

In the meantime, let us just spread undying, unending love.