When Love Says Goodbye, Thank It For Helping You Grow

Here you are, feeling a little or very defeated. You gave your heart only to find yourself disappointed at the indecisiveness of love. Only to find yourself back in a place you told yourself you would never allow yourself to visit again. 

Yet here you stand. (Alone.)

Only this time, you have grown. Only this time, the lessons from your past flow through your veins and fill you with gratitude. Because you now know that a shot at love is much more meaningful than stacking up bricks and hiding away.

Because you now know that trying is more rewarding than not, even if it doesn’t work out. You now know that we are not islands; we are meant to connect.

And there is so much growth that comes from that vulnerability. That comes from trusting. Sure, there may be no guarantees when you give your heart away. There may not be a happily ever after, and it’s most definitely not a “sure thing.”

Still, it is the right thing.

Because when you stay open to love, you get to experience the butterflies that come from a new love. You get to wander and trace new points on this rock and create a new story. A new beginning that you only share with this human being. And that alone is beautiful and special in its own interconnected way.

New history seeps into your bones, and you smile because you think back to a time you told yourself you would never share your heart again. With time, season by season, your cells shed that belief, and love entered your world again. Filled you and held you, providing you with warmth again, and electricity was sent throughout your body, sparking and lighting you up again.

And so this time, when love says goodbye, you are not bitter or angry, ready to close off, prepared to stack those bricks again. No, because you’ve worked too damn hard to take on that weight again.

You realize that your heart breaking is simply an opportunity to let the light in and grow you, to expand you. This, my love, is the most healing revelation of all. 

And so I step into the unknown, one foot in front of the other, walking in gratitude, full of love and knowing it is always and forever here within me.

(Alone; not lonely.)

And that’s growth.