When They Ask Me Why I Love You, This Is What I Want To Say

People continue to ask me the one thing that pulled me towards you as I stand with nothing but a smile filled with memories of you being everything I have wanted and more. I could talk about the magnanimity of your kindness that has never failed to see a broken heart that suffers alone. I would remind them of the endless hours you have spent being around your loved ones as their antidote of joy and laughter when sadness was all they thought they were worthy of. Maybe I could prepare a banquet speech about the way you have prioritized the wants of your family over your personal needs, because that’s what true love does. I could endlessly recite poetries of effort you have embodied to grow and mature into love and community for a purpose that’s beyond your ambition. 

You sit with the lonely and make room for the ones struggling. You reflect the nature of Jesus; in ways, I have always imagined Him gloriously walking on Earth. You had welcomed my splintered fragments of friendship and caressed them into a reality we both now live in. You have granted me the opportunity to discover the oceans of divinity and humanity that you are designed in. You have taken a seat of discomfort with me amidst the brevity of my pain while all I have known is to push belonging away. You console me in my affliction but never shy away from holding me accountable for my shortcomings. You seek our future together that has love, purpose, joy, maturity, and strength ensuing. 

Maybe there’s never going to be one thing that can ever describe the reverberations I still feel holding me to you. Or should I say that you are the invisible string that has now entangled me to the gold in you? I often worry if I would be able to wholly appreciate the intricacy of your existence and make you believe that in my life, you were the best thing that ever happened. Yet somehow I suppose and so strongly hope that our love rooted in the agape one would hold us firm, in seasons we are flying and floating on the escapades of life.