Dmitriy Ganin

When You Fall In Love Unexpectedly, Your Life Is Never The Same Again

They always say life is a rollercoaster ride; one day, you’re on a high, with the most beautiful, panoramic views and your head above the clouds, and the next moment you’re at rock bottom, drowning and silently screaming and trying to keep your head above the water.

And indeed, such is life. It is a constant dance, a dizzying ride, a stop-and-go, a soaring flight followed by a downward spiral; a rhythm of rise and fall, and if you are lucky, you will go through the journey with only one person.

But that isn’t always the case. In our many lives, we will find and know several people who will be the highlight of some chapters and then get burned in the next pages. And then your story goes on.

But then, amidst all of the chaos and uncertainty, life will give you an unexpected twist, just when you think nothing can surprise you anymore.

Even if you are someone who has their life planned out or you are navigating through the journey alone, all it takes is one plot twist that will change your world as you know it and challenge each and every rule you have set in your book.

And this plot twist is usually, in most cases, a dream turned to reality in the form of one person.

They are the one you never saw coming.

On the most ordinary day, they will appear in your life, and suddenly, your heart will know. Just as they always say in movies and fairy tales, when you know, you know. And that fact is so simple, yet also so complicated at the same time.

When your heart finds the one it is truly destined to be with, your entire being will be thrown into a hurricane. They will make you feel everything, all at the same time. One day when you meet this person, your reality will turn upside down, and you will feel like you have not truly lived until then or that you have been living in the wrong world all this time.

You will feel like they have set your entire being on fire, and you will feel all emotions simultaneously. In this chaos, your mind will scream and tell you to stop the madness – to go back to the ground and wait for the storm to pass, then to continue living your life the way you knew it before they came.

You will think, maybe your heart is mistaken. Maybe, your heart is just blinding you and creating fantasies and illusions. You will tell yourself to wake up from the dream and return to reality—a world without them.

But there is one fact that you should know—when you are destined together, there is nothing you can do to take your heart and soul away from the person who is meant to be your lifetime home.

That in itself is the reality that you should accept. We will journey through many lives, write many chapters, and find temporary dwellings in different souls, but there is only one person who will leave a permanent mark in our heart because that is where they truly belong; and if you are wise, you will never let this person go. You will build a new world together with them.

Despite the questions, the mysteries, the resistance of your mind, and all other odds that are against your favor, you will find yourself loving this person like you have never loved anyone before. You will find peace and war, serenity and adventure, stillness and madness, all in one person. They will have the same mind and heart because you are one—from the beginning, even before you met, your souls were meant to experience the motions and rhythm of life and love together.

Indeed, such is life. You will find a plot twist in the middle of the journey and maybe fall in love unexpectedly. And when you do, your life will be a never-ending, beautiful dream, for a very long time.