When You Love Someone, You Let Them Feel Every Emotion

When You Love Someone, You Let Them Feel Every Emotion

When you love someone, you allow them to feel whatever emotions they’re feeling without accusing them of being overdramatic or emotional. If they’re upset with you, you don’t list off the reasons why they should get over the issue or tell them why they don’t have a right to be annoyed with you. You listen to what they have to say and try to understand where they’re coming from. You allow them to speak their mind without cutting them off to defend yourself. You give them the opportunity to air their grievances, even though you might see the situation differently from your point of view.

When you love someone, you allow them to be upset about areas in their life that have nothing to do with you. You’re a team, so you’ll help them when you can, but you’ll also understand when there’s nothing you can do. When you have to step back and allow them to process their emotions on their own time. You can’t rush them through their grief. You can’t tell them when they need to stop moping, when enough is enough. You need to be there for them when they want you and understand that everyone moves at their own pace. You can’t force them to be happy again after they’ve gone through a rough experience. You need to be their rock when they’re searching for comfort and give them space when they want to cry in peace.

When you love someone, you allow them to speak from the heart. Even though you might want to give a motivational speech to remind them of their worth, you will also make it clear that they’re allowed to feel however they’re feeling. You won’t discount their emotions. You won’t treat them like an inconvenience. You won’t act like their feelings are a bother, like you would rather have them shut up and deal with their problems on their own.

When you love someone, you would rather hear a hard truth than have them bottle up their deepest feelings and pretend everything is perfectly fine. You want to be there for them. You want to know what they’ve been going through. You never want them to feel alone when you’re standing by their side. After all, your feelings about them won’t change on the hard days. You’ll be proud to call them your partner whether everything is going perfectly or they’re falling apart at the seams. You don’t want them to hide things to protect you or avoid upsetting you. You don’t want any secrets to exist between the two of you.

When you love someone, you encourage them to speak their mind. You don’t claim you want to know what they’re thinking then shut down or get into a nasty argument as soon as they follow through and speak from the heart. You don’t ask them to open up to you and then throw a fit when you aren’t happy with what you hear. You genuinely want to know them on a deeper level. You want them to trust you with every little piece of themselves.