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When You Love Someone, You Respect Their Boundaries

When you love someone, you respect their boundaries. You ask what makes them uncomfortable so you can avoid doing those things in the first place. You also share your own boundaries as well because you understand that boundaries go both ways and are fundamental to having a healthy partnership.

When you love someone, you prove that you are trustworthy. And you do this by taking care of their heart. You communicate openly and honestly. You do what you say you will and are consistent. You check in often and make sure you are meeting their expectations.

When you love someone, you don’t try and convince them to change their boundaries to make things more convenient for you. You don’t belittle their limitations either. Instead, you listen to what makes them feel most at ease and make sure that you behave accordingly. You understand that boundaries are not only about your person protecting themselves but are also preserving your relationship and keeping it strong.

When you love someone, you say you’re sorry when you get it wrong. No one is perfect, and there may be times when you cross the line. And when this happens, you sincerely apologize for your mistake and do your best to make sure you don’t let it happen again. You validate their feelings and move forward more informed and better than before.

Because the truth of the matter is that if you don’t respect their boundaries, you don’t respect them. And without respect, there is no place for love.