When You Meet A Once-In-A-Lifetime Person, I Hope You Hold On To Them

Throughout your life, your soul will collide with many others. In most cases, you will brace yourself for impact, and when you crash, you will learn what you must from this energy exchange and continue on your respective paths. But darling, you must be prepared for those ‘once-in-a-lifetime, where-have-you-been’ collisions, because they will change your life.

Do you have a world-changer in mind right now? Someone that walked in, turned your life upside down in a way that you never thought was possible, and now you wonder how you are ever supposed to live without their smile? You cannot measure the depth of a connection without exploring why you feel pulled towards another human being. Why did you recognize their soul the moment you met, and why are you forever changed because of them? You will most likely find yourself asking these questions and sometimes struggling to find the answers. Because here’s the thing: Not everyone deserves access to you. Most people don’t deserve a coveted spot in your life, because they haven’t earned it. Trust takes a lifetime to build, and it can be broken in a matter of seconds. This also applies to the people you will undoubtedly come across that you will fall in love with upon meeting; the connection is immediate and undeniable. The emotions that they stir up in you are gut feelings; they are little nuggets of wisdom for you to pay close attention to. Don’t disregard the way in which someone awakens your bruised spirit; don’t discount your worth and tell yourself you aren’t good enough to be part of their world.

You are good enough; you always have been. It’s been a tear-soaked, turbulent and painful ride to get to where you are today – but here you are. So, when you stare into the eyes of someone that really sees you – flaws and imperfections and emotional bruises – that is invaluable. You cannot put a price on that right there. The way in which they validate you and make you feel seen is irreplaceable, beautiful, and rare. Hold onto those humans – the ones that you recognize upon impact – because they will become the greatest blessings in your life. You will never suffer through another storm alone as long as they are by your side.