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When You Realize That You’re Not The Person You Used To Be

When you realize that you’re not the person you used to be and when you decide to be completely honest with yourself, you will understand how to move forward in your life. You will realize that you’re not scared anymore of trying new things and doing something unfamiliar to you. You will realize that you’re not second-guessing or questioning if you’re up for the challenge or not. You will not be afraid of cracking under pressure because the new you doesn’t have anything to lose. The new you is not afraid of failing and trying new things. The new you doesn’t try to accommodate everyone. The new you is understanding that putting yourself first is more than just a powerful statement, it’s a lifestyle.

When you realize that you’re not the person you used to be, you will surprise yourself in your relationships. You will be walking away a lot sooner than you used to if you’re not getting the respect and treatment you want. You will raise the bar on who has access to you. You will not lower your standards just to make someone else happy, and more importantly, you will not allow another person to make you feel unworthy or unloved just because they couldn’t handle being with you or because they didn’t stick around. You will realize that as long as you’re staying true to yourself and your desires, you’re going to scare a lot of people away but you will eventually attract the right person for you.

When you realize that you’re not the person you used to be, you will not be the puppet of the family ever again and you will not allow them to degrade or belittle you just because you’re the youngest one or the black sheep. You will not allow them to make fun of your dreams or control you just because they want you to blindly follow their rules. You will realize that you don’t have to live the life they imposed on you and you don’t have to repeat the same cycle. You will reclaim your life because now you finally know how to do what’s right for you, regardless of whether or not they will support you or help you.

When you realize you’re not the person you used to be, you will understand that not everything needs fixing. Some friendships just die and you can’t revive them. Some people won’t love you the way you want them to and they won’t be able to meet you where you are. Some people are not your soulmates or your forever people. You will realize the importance of letting go and leaving things. You won’t have the urge to make everything work. You will understand that some things are better left behind and some people are better left in your past.

When you realize that you’re not trying so hard for things, you will understand that God will always bring you closer to what’s meant for you in a much better and bigger way and those things will find you no matter where you are.