When You Really Love Someone, You Treat Them Right Consistently
Allegra Messina

When You Really Love Someone, You Treat Them Right Consistently

When you love someone, you won’t spoil them rotten one day, then drop off the face of the planet the next day. You won’t make them wonder whether you still care because your actions are all over the place and impossible to analyze. You will treat them with love and respect consistently, regardless of the mood you’re in or how busy you are with other aspects of your life. You will make sure to treat them as a top priority day after day, so that there isn’t any confusion about whether you still care, whether you still want to be in this relationship or it’s only an afterthought.

When you love someone, you don’t send mixed signals. You don’t make it hard to decipher your feelings because some days it seems like you’re interested in forever with them and other days it seems like you have one foot out the door. You need to remind them, each and every day, through your actions and your words, that you are happy right where you are, that you aren’t going anywhere. Your person should never be stuck wondering whether you are bored, whether you’ve lost interest or are pursuing someone new. They should feel confident that you’re on the same page, that your love for them is as strong as ever.

When you love someone, you show them in little ways every single day. You don’t want until the big moments, the birthdays and anniversaries, to make grand gestures, only to act like you couldn’t care less about them the rest of the time. Relationships are supposed to have your attention 365 days of the year. You can’t get lazy and expect your partner to stick around if you are simply doing the bare minimum. Relationships require work, and if your partner matters enough to you, then you’ll gladly put in that work. It won’t even feel like work most days because you’re happy to do whatever it takes to keep them smiling.

When you love someone, you act consistent. Your person should know what they’re getting with you. They should know how you feel about them and what your schedule looks like that day. There’s nothing wrong with living life spontaneously — but if you become too unpredictable, then the relationship is going to feel unstable. It’s going to feel like it could crumble apart at any minute. Your partner deserves to know where you stand so that they aren’t in a constant state of fear that something is wrong, that you’re going to leave in the middle of the night without warning. You owe it to them to be honest with them, to fill them in on what you’re feeling so they aren’t jumping to their own conclusions, upset about sheer misunderstandings.

When you love someone, you make them feel safe. You reassure them that you love them with all your heart and they are the only one for you. You should never make them question whether you’re telling the truth, whether you’re keeping secrets, whether you even care at all. It should be clear that you have your person’s best interest in mind because you treat them the way they deserve each and every day.