When You Remember What It’s Like To Love Again

Just when you’re about to give up on love, someone shows up and instantly your heart feels alive again. Just when you start getting used to the cold, someone shows up and makes you feel warm again. Just when you think no one will ever get your sense of humor, someone comes in and laughs at all your jokes, and just when you think that you will never feel certain things again, someone shows up and brings them all back to life. 

Because maybe you never gave up on love, maybe you were just too cautious or burnt so many times from the same flame that you’ve decided to stop playing with fire. Maybe it’s not so much your trust or attachment issues but it was the people who showed up and didn’t love you right, so they distorted the definition of love in your head. They made you feel like this is how everyone loves and that’s what you deserve. Maybe your defense mechanisms worked because you kept attracting the same type, but they didn’t work when you met someone who could be right for you. They didn’t work when someone kept proving you wrong every time, you thought they’d let you down. 

Maybe you’re the one who’s so firmly stuck on all those who did you wrong that your mind can’t comprehend that there are better people out there for you. Maybe all the people around you are stuck in bad or one-sided relationships and you thought this was the norm. Maybe all you needed was one person to change your perspective, change your mind, and change your heart, because when that person shows up, you won’t help but fall again like you’ve never been hurt before. 

Because unlike the others, this person will make you fall in love with yourself again. You won’t be so reserved, overthinking every word, questioning every move, or retyping every message. You will feel safe in showing your vulnerability and expressing how you really feel. Unlike the others, this person won’t leave you wondering if they care or if you’re the only one, they won’t do things just to make you feel insecure or show you that they have other options, they won’t try to make you jealous or belittle you in any way. Unlike the others, this person will be so sure of you that you won’t have any doubts. You won’t have to worry about anyone else because you will finally feel seen and heard. You will finally feel valued. 

Because unlike the others, this person will love everything about you, even the parts you hate about yourself. This person will come and redefine everything you learned about love. You might not believe it at first, you might not even understand it because you’re so used to the opposite, but it will make sense when you finally realize that this is how someone acts when they truly love you. This is how someone shows up when they want you, and while you’re used to the temporary high before someone leaves, this person stays for as long as you want them to. 

Because just when you’re about to give up on yourself and throw in the towel because you’re just not good at relationships and you’re too much to handle, someone comes in and proves to you otherwise. Someone comes in and quiets all the noise in your head and all the confusion in your heart.