When Your Twin Flame Leaves, Believe They Will Return

It’s not easy to have faith in something as intense and unpredictable as a twin flame connection. Not knowing what triggers will eventually lead to your separation, what emotions they will invoke that will drive you over the edge, and what lessons you are yet to learn on your journey, together or apart. This is your mirror—the person that feels most like home, and without them, life is not only dull but completely empty.

The most difficult part of a twin flame connection and journey is undoubtedly the separation phase, when both souls are pulled away from each other. And this is especially painful and mostly unexpected. This happens because, in that moment in time, both parties are called to be apart to work on themselves after a trigger or argument occurs. This usually occurs after or up to the end of the honeymoon period—the time when insecurities and trauma begins to surface in the relationship.

If you’re worried about your twin flame returning, just know they eventually will. Whether it’s a month down the line, several months, years, decades. A twin flame relationship is often one of the most painful ones because of its unpredictability and intensity. Both parties are forced to be alone and work on themselves to be the best version of themselves for the other party. It’s a connection that is focused on healing, lessons, and growth.

Those thoughts in your mind of your twin and the memories that replay over and over again are reciprocated. And the sooner your lessons are learned and you shift the love inward, the sooner they will return. But you must learn to be at peace with the separation and shift your love and care within so when you both reunite, you both can thrive in new beginnings.