Wherever You Are, Be There Fully

Wherever you are, be there fully. No matter where in the world, no matter where in life, no matter what season you’re in, no matter what you’re experiencing, no matter what you’re going through.

Be there for the beginning, for the middle, for the end, for the new beginning. Be there for the good, the bad, the ugly. Be there for the feelings. Be there for the emotions, for the frustration, for the laughter, for the anger. Be there for the excitement, for the disappointment, for the losses, for the wins. Be there when your heart is bursting, and be there when it is breaking.

Be there for the grief. Be there for the joy. Resisting none of it, allowing it all.

When we resist discomfort, we make it harder for ourselves. Allow it to be there—don’t make it wrong, don’t make it a problem. Instead, recognize it as a necessary and vital part of your growth. See it not as everything going wrong, but everything going right, just as it should. Discomfort is our teacher; it shows us what we don’t want to look at. It shows us what our ego wants to attach to, so we may learn the art of letting go.

When we resist joy out of the fear that we don’t deserve it or that fully opening up to it will just result in more pain, we reject what is meant for us. We reject the gifts we’ve been given. We tell the universe that we aren’t ready for what we want, for what we’ve been asking for. Worse, we deprive ourselves of the world of good that makes the discomfort worthwhile.

So be here—right here. Be here fully. It’s all important. It’s all right. Trust in the timing of what’s coming. Trust in the lessons you’re being taught. It’s all there for you to grow into who you’re becoming.