Felipe Pick Costa

Who Your Perfect Forever Person Is, Based On Birth Order

Only Child

Your perfect forever person is someone who values quality time with you — but is also independent. You need someone who will set aside room in their schedule to see you but doesn’t need to spend every waking moment with you. This person should have their own friends and hobbies and passions that bring them happiness outside of the relationship. They shouldn’t be jealous when your plans take you away from them for a while because they understand that you are your own person. But at the same time, they act as a teammate and are always willing to go on adventures with you.

Oldest Child

Your perfect forever person is consistent, trustworthy, and dependable. They aren’t afraid to be brutally honest with you about how they’re feeling because they understand that relationships are healthiest when there’s transparency. This person would never lie to get you off their back or keep the peace. They will tell you the truth, even when it’s awkward or painful — but they will do it gently. They won’t spit out harsh words they wish they could take back. They will stay respectful, even during your roughest moments as a couple. When you’re with them, you will never have to question whether they’re withholding secrets.

Middle Child

Your perfect forever person is playful and fun — but they can be serious when it counts. They’re always up for having a good time and will be your plus-one to concerts and events whenever you ask. However, that doesn’t mean they let their responsibilities slide. They are mature enough to have hard conversations and keep their concentration during work — but when it’s their day off, they are going to ignore their email and act present. They are going to enjoy the moment with you instead of stressing about what’s to come later. They are good workers, but even better partners.

Youngest Child

Your perfect forever person is interested in the same types of movies and music and hobbies as you — but they’re not a carbon copy of you. They bring something fresh and new to the table. They help you see the world from a different point of view. Although you have enough in common that you work well as a team, you also have enough differences that help you learn and grow from each other. With their help, you will discover activities and events you never would have been interested in without them. They will expand your horizons.


Your perfect forever person is sentimental, attentive, and has a huge gooey heart. You don’t want to be the only one in the relationship who is putting energy in. You want your partner to show up for you physically and emotionally — but you don’t want to beg for attention. You don’t want to teach them how to treat you. You want them to instinctively, willing be there for you. If they make you feel like your needs are an inconvenience, that spoils everything. They need to show that they’re happy to support you, happy to be your partner in every sense of the word.