‘Big Brother’ Is Responsible For More Relationships Than ‘The Bachelor’

Why ‘Big Brother’ Is Responsible For More Relationships Than ‘The Bachelor’

Big Brother is proof you’re going to find love when you least expect it.

(Most) contestants don’t apply to this show in order to make-out with their showmance while the whole world watches on the 24-hour live feeds. They sign up for the experience, the opportunity to test themselves, and the chance to win 750,000 dollars.

Then why does every single season seem to end with at least one showmance, even though most superfans would rather watch the contestants backstab each other than hookup with each other?

Quality time is an important part of growing as a couple. So is overcoming obstacles together, and on Big Brother, you never know who you can trust. When you place your faith in someone, that’s a huge deal. It’s a sign that you work well as a team, that you can communicate your feelings clearly, and that there’s at least a certain amount of chemistry.

Plus, there’s nothing to do in the Big Brother house except bond with the people around you. You can’t stare at your phone and scroll through social media. You can’t break out your journal and write down your thoughts. You can’t blast music or even sing something copyrighted. You’re forced to be present, to live in the moment, to look the other houseguests in the eyes and learn the names of their family members. Memorizing little details about them might be strategy so you can manipulate them down the line, but you’re still learning about their life. You’re still growing closer, whether it’s intentional or not.

Another big factor is that, on Big Brother, you don’t have to wait long to see your crush at their worst. They’re going to be backstabbing and screaming and scheming – and they might be in pajamas or covered in slime while doing so. You get to see the person’s true personality pretty quickly. It’s hard to hide your real self when you’re together twenty-four seven for three months straight without any outside communication.

Big Brother contestants understand that spending too much time with one person puts a target on their backs, but they’ll risk it anyway when they find someone worthwhile. They want to hang out with their favorite person, no matter what it costs them. More than once, contestants have given exit interviews saying they’re happier walking away with their new love than with the money, anyway. 

Big Brother proves that most great relationships start out as friendships. They slowly blossom into more as you spend quality time together, overcome obstacles together, and build a team together.

Whether you’re a diehard shipper or turn off the feeds as soon as the baby-talking starts, you can’t argue with the fact that the Big Brother house is apparently a great way to find everlasting love. Here is a short list of Big Brother couples who are still together: Jeff and Jordan. Brendon and Rachel. Daniele and Dominic. Victor and Nicole. Jessica and Cody. Bayleigh and Swaggy C. Tyler and Angela. Christmas and Memphis. Derek X and Claire. And next summer, there will probably be more names to add to the list.