Why Breakups Suck When You're An Aries

Why Breakups Suck When You’re An Aries

Aries are known for being fearless and adventurous. You wouldn’t think that breakups would phase them – but when the right person leaves, they are going to have a rough time. Here are some reasons why Aries have so much trouble with big breakups:

You impulsively send texts you shouldn’t send.

Maybe you’re messaging your ex to tell them what a jerk they’ve been and how you’re so much happier without them. Or maybe you’re telling them that you miss them and feel like breaking up was a mistake. Either way, your impulsive attitude and upfront honesty makes it hard to go through breakups while maintaining your dignity. You might be living your life, completely fine, without this other person on your mind—then all of a sudden they will pop into your head and you won’t be able to resist saying something to them. Because you’re an Aries, your emotions are extreme. You’re either loving your ex or hating them.

You hate showing emotions that make you appear vulnerable.

Even though you’re human and you’re allowed to shed tears, you don’t want anyone to see you hurting. You won’t let yourself cry in front of anyone. You’ll get emotional behind closed doors, but when you’re in public, you’ll act like you’re completely fine. You’ll play pretend and swear that you’re happier now that you’re single, even if you’re suffering inside. The act you’re putting on will exhaust you, but you don’t want your ex to get the satisfaction of seeing you sad. You would rather stuff your emotions down your chest and continue on as if nothing is wrong.

Normally, you don’t let people inside.

You are normally fine from hopping to relationship to relationship, or flirting with strangers without making a commitment to them – but once you find someone who fits you well, you cling onto them tightly. You open up your heart and give them every piece of you. Since you’re such a passionate sign and pride yourself on your honesty, your ex learned a lot about you. They saw every single side of you. Watching someone leave who knew the real you is never easy. Especially since you usually don’t let yourself get attached. Since it’s so rare for you to choose to commit, it’s all that much harder when it all falls apart.

You aren’t a quitter.

You’re always up for a challenge. You will pour your heart and soul into everything you do. Including relationships. If something is wrong, you will try to fix it instead of running away at the first sign of trouble. But not all relationships can be fixed. Even though you might know, deep down, that separating from this person is best for the both of you, that won’t make it any easier. It will still suck to give up when you would rather keep trying. You’re used to getting what you want, and when someone is taken away from you, you aren’t sure how to handle it.