Why He’s Haunting Your Instagram Instead Of Texting You Back

Why He’s Haunting Your Instagram Instead Of Texting You Back

Haunting is when someone refuses to text you and have an actual conversation with you – but they’re happy to view all your stories, like your posts, and might even leave comments on occasion. Basically, they aren’t putting effort into having a full-blown conversation with you, but they are showing their interest in a million different ways.

He’s haunting your Instagram because he wants to keep tabs on you. He wants to know how you’re doing without him, but he doesn’t want to reach out and actually ask you about your day. He doesn’t want to commit to a whole conversation because even that is too much effort for him. Or maybe he’s seeing someone else now and knows it would be inappropriate to cross that line and actually talk to you, so he plays it safe by staring at your stories instead, by watching you from afar.

He’s haunting your Instagram because he doesn’t want you to forget about him. He wants you to stay hooked. He wants you to chase after him and forget about every other man in your life. He wants you to keep thinking about him, even though he isn’t planning on committing anytime soon. He wants the ego boost that your attraction gives him. He wants to know that he has power over you.

He’s haunting your Instagram because it gives him the chance to drool over how good you look without putting in any effort on his side. It’s easy to double tap a picture or even type out a quick comment. It’s way more effort to reach out to you and strike up a conversation. Texting you also means there’s a chance he’ll face rejection. If he reaches out to speak to you and you’ve had enough of his back and forth behavior, then he’s not going to get a reply and his ego will be crushed. But if he watches your story or likes your picture, there’s no chance of getting rejected. He can enjoy watching you, whether you’re happy about it or not.

Remember, you deserve so much more than the bare minimum. If this person likes you enough to pay attention to you on Instagram, feel free to be flattered, but don’t assume a relationship is on the horizon. Don’t let yourself fall too hard for someone who is giving you breadcrumbs and hoping that you feel satisfied. The right person for you is going to talk to you outside of Instagram. They won’t only make you feel pretty and seen and valued with likes. They will do it by taking you out on dates and complimenting you in person. They will make an effort to talk to you face-to-face instead of over a screen.

If he’s haunting your Instagram but won’t answer your texts, you don’t need him. You need someone who is going to be there for you one-hundred percent of the time. Someone who would never leave you waiting for an answer, wondering whether they’ve lost interest. You don’t need to put up with mixed signals because the right person will make it perfectly clear how much they care about you.