Why Is Everyone Ending Up In Almost Relationships?

Why Is Everyone Ending Up In Almost Relationships?

It’s frustrating when you keep ending up in almost relationships when you’ve been wanting something serious. However, almost relationships are becoming more and more common. It might feel like everyone is in one – and here are a few reasons why:

Some people are too scared to state their intentions.

If you meet someone attractive and they start flirting with you, then you’re going to enjoy the ride. Even if you’re daydreaming about a serious relationship, you might not want to ruin what you already have going by bringing up how badly you want to date them. You hope that the relationship will progress naturally – and when it doesn’t, you’re scared to lose them by telling them how much they mean to you. Yes, admitting your true feelings could mean you’ll end up in a relationship. But it could also mean you’ll get rejected and will never see this person again. Not knowing how they’re going to respond could keep you in purgatory. You could keep leaving important words unsaid because you don’t want to be the one to make the first official move.

Almost relationships give you a massive ego boost.

Almost relationships aren’t too serious. You can get some of the benefits from dating – like the ego boost, the cuddle sessions, and even make out sessions – but you don’t have to deal with the harder aspects, like helping each other through tough times and meeting the family. While some people cannot stand being trapped in almost relationships because they’re searching for more, others believe that they’re the best of both worlds. They get a taste of commitment without actually committing at all. Even though they could still be breaking someone’s heart by stringing them along, they feel like they aren’t technically doing anything wrong since they never technically made this person any promises.

Some people aren’t ready for anything serious.

Not everyone wants to settle down, get married, and have children. Some people are happier on their own. Some people intentionally get into almost relationships because they want to keep their options open. They don’t want to settle down yet. They want to hook up with as many different people as possible. If they committed, then they would be taking away opportunities, so they give their partner just enough to keep them around without putting an actual label on the situation. That way, they’re not technically cheating if they hook up with someone else.

Some people genuinely don’t have time to date.

Some people aren’t trying to hurt you by getting into an almost relationship with you. Some people are genuinely swamped with a million other responsibilities. Maybe they’re so busy trying to make money to pay the rent and setting aside time for their friends that they feel like committing to a relationship would be irresponsible of them. Maybe they’re worried they won’t have what it takes to make you happy. Maybe the timing is simply wrong and it’s not anyone’s fault. Maybe you two would be better off parting ways right now, but if you happen to meet in the future, it could be different next time.