Why It’s Important To Keep Your Life Private

One of the hardest lessons I learned in the past few years was the value of privacy. The value of keeping my personal life private and learning how to stop oversharing or telling my business to anyone who asks. The truth is even the ones you trust don’t have to know everything about you because they could intentionally or unintentionally spill your secrets to someone else or use it against you one way or another. 

Keeping your life private allows you to maintain boundaries and prohibit people from meddling in your business or giving you unsolicited advice. You won’t owe anyone any explanation and you won’t feel pressured to prove anything to them. Sometimes we do things we don’t truly want just to avoid being judged by others or perceived in a certain way. If you keep your life private, you won’t have that problem anymore. Don’t give people material or access to information you’re still not sure of because they can easily talk you out of something just because it didn’t work out for them.

When you don’t share everything or trust people with what you’re doing or how you’re feeling, you eliminate the pressure of social comparisons or validation from others. It makes you more audacious in taking risks because you’re not worried about what your friends or family would say. Privacy is sometimes the key to taking bold risks and making difficult decisions because you’re not waiting for anyone’s approval or opinion. 

Some people may pretend that they want to know your business to help you or they want to try to fix your relationship with someone, but sometimes they just want entertainment. They are not truly looking out for you, they just want something to gossip about, and nine times out of 10, they will not follow the same advice they’re giving you. That’s why keeping your personal life private will protect you from unnecessary gossip, drama, and people who just want to gloat over your mistakes or your weaknesses. 

Privacy gives you peace of mind and confidence because you will be able to make more authentic decisions and form more genuine relationships. Privacy doesn’t mean shutting people out or pushing them away, it means that you’re just more selective in what you share and who you share it with because the more you share, the more likely you are to regret the outcome. A private life is a happy life. When people don’t know everything about you and when you don’t invite anyone’s opinion or input into your life, you intimidate those who want to denigrate you and you force others to respect your boundaries and stay away from your decisions or your choices.