Why The Thought Of Dating Again Is So Damn Scary

Why The Thought Of Dating Again Is So Scary

The thought of dating again is scary because you know what heartbreak feels like now. You know how happy relationships can make you – but you also know how miserable breakups can make you. You know how painful it feels when the person you thought you could trust walks away. You know how deeply your heart is capable of breaking and you don’t want to endure it again.

The thought of dating again is scary because you don’t want history to repeat itself. You picked the wrong person once before. What’s stopping you from making the same mistake again? Even though you’d like to think you’re older and wiser now, that you’ve learned from your experiences and would make better decisions, there’s a chance someone else could fool you. You could end up right back where you were, with your heart shattered into a million pieces, feeling like you should have known better.

The thought of dating again is scary because your breakup caused you to lose confidence. You’ve been seeing yourself through your ex’s eyes, which helped boost your confidence when you were together, but now it’s hurting your confidence. You’ve started to focus more on your flaws, to wonder why your person was able to leave you so easily. You’ve been dwelling on all of the little things that are wrong with you instead of focusing on all of the things that are beautiful about you.

The thought of dating again is scary because you feel safer on your own. When you don’t care about anyone, you’re taking away their power to hurt you. You feel unstoppable. But you’re only fooling yourself. You aren’t actually heartless – and you can’t keep pretending that you are. Whether you agree to a relationship or remain single, you’re eventually going to care about someone. You’re eventually going to get attached. Instead of letting that scare you, let it excite you.

The thought of dating again is scary because you have to start over. You don’t get to skip straight to the comfortable stage. You have to go on first dates and gradually get to know each other. You have to start building a relationship from scratch. This can feel awkward and intimidating, but if you want to end up in another serious relationship, you need to lay the groundwork. You need to take the relationship one step at a time.

The thought of dating again is scary, but you can’t let your fear of rejection get in the way of building a strong connection with someone new. You can’t hide your heart away because you’re terrified of it breaking. Whenever you let yourself care, you’re putting yourself in danger. There’s always a chance that you’ll end up with another broken heart. But you survived your last heartache. You’ll survive the next one, too. And that’s if there even is a next one. The person you end up with next might be the perfect fit. You might never experience a broken heart again. You might be closer to your happily ever after than you think.