Why Womb Healing Is So Important For Women—And The World

When God created a woman, he made her in divine form. In perfect alignment with creation and source. She is the ultimate representation of love. In connection to her womb is a vessel connected to her heart. The heart opens her uterus for birth, ovulation, conception, and menstruation. With this power, the love of her heart is the key to existence. The womb is a sacred space, and who we allow into our space can affect our energy. But it is essential to embrace our sexuality and our freedom. Our gift of pleasure illuminates our love, and the world needs more of it. Unfortunately, our world mistook this vulnerability as a disadvantage throughout time.

After generational traumas, we hold our ancestor’s trauma within our wombs. These include coercion, oppression, gender stratification, manipulation, and control. From woman to woman, we have a divine connection within our lineage. When our grandmothers are pregnant with our mothers, we are present as an egg within our mother’s womb and so on. When we are pregnant, our baby’s genes are within our bloodstream, and a part of them will live within us forever. As will the presence of our grandchildren within our daughter’s wombs. These generational traumas within the womb need to release, as do our own. Our traumas come in many forms. We experience times of forced pleasure, child loss, and consistent judgment. There is no openness to receive. Our legs stay closed, or even when open; our vaginas remain guarded. With no willingness to accept, our waters cannot flow. This defense reflects throughout every part of our lives. We have no desire to receive divine love or friendship. There is no want for a divine partner, divine energy, or a divine connection to God. It cuts off our passion for creation, where our dreams can not flourish or grow.

Women desire to flow like the ocean’s water. We want our wombs to open up their lightness and darkness in connection to the mystic moon and her waves. Our sensuality and sexuality surface through phases. But we always want to open up and allow our waters to release. Our creation will be born, and our divine purpose will grow as we open up with a sound mind, body, and soul. Through the heart center in alignment with our breast, we nurture. With our heart in connection to our womb, we create. Without healing the womb, we cannot birth the love the world is longing for.