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Why You Always Doubt Yourself (In One Sentence) Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Some zodiac signs are more confident overall than others, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that each one doesn’t still harbor some self-doubt. This is why you doubt yourself, based on your zodiac sign:


Although you are more self-assured than others, when you face a minor setback (like not getting a promotion or being ghosted), you spiral into self-doubt.


Anything that throws you off the path of security and stability — in your career, in a relationship, at home — can make you feel incredible insecure and cause some self-esteem issues.


You can be quite flexible, but you often second-guess yourself on whether or not you made the right decisions.


Taking care of others (your speciality) can sometimes leave you desperately needing validation that you’re valued and wanted.


Although you are more confident than others, you have a hard time accepting criticism (even from yourself) — and that really hurts your ego.


As a perfectionist, you are your own worst critic; the exceptionally high standards you set for yourself and self-doubt just come natural to you.


As a people-pleaser (sorry, but you are one), you live in fear of disappointing others, and then evidently doubt yourself and your abilities.


You’re not one to open up and be vulnerable in front of others, simply because you harbor some insecurity and secret self-esteem issues.


You often second-guess yourself when it comes to your thoughts and opinions, especially if someone challenges you and your beliefs.


Despite being one of the most hardworking signs, you always compare yourself to others and feel like what you’re doing isn’t good enough.


You’re independent and unique and you often worry that you stand out too much or that you’re just doing the most.


As someone who is very much in tune with their emotions, you are often worrisome and anxious about everything and everyone in your life.