Why You Should Never Stop Acting Clingy

Why You Should Never Stop Acting Clingy

You probably aren’t as clingy as you’ve been led to believe.

Some people will act like your behavior is unacceptable because your strong feelings are making them uncomfortable. Or more likely, they’re leading you on and don’t want you to realize, so they act like you’re the problem. Remember, texting first and asking to hang out on weekends isn’t clingy. It’s average behavior when you’re talking to someone you’re interested in dating. If someone makes you feel like too much simply because you’re putting effort into your relationship, they aren’t the right person for you.

The right person will appreciate the effort you put into loving them.

The right person will want to set plans with you and hear compliments from you. They’ll get excited whenever your name pops onto their phone. They’ll be thrilled to know that you’ve been thinking about them and want to see them again soon. The right person will mirror your clingy behavior because their feelings are just as strong as your own. They’ll make it obvious they like you and will be appreciative of how honest you’ve been as well.

You shouldn’t change yourself to please potential partners.

Everyone shows their love in different ways. Even if you are a little clingier than some others, there’s nothing wrong with your behavior as long as you aren’t overstepping boundaries or hurting anyone. If you need a relationship where you check in with each other every few hours and see each other multiple times per week, then that’s fine. Instead of changing yourself to impress someone who isn’t right for you, you need to keep searching for someone who is right for you. Hold out for the person who will give you everything you need without making you feel like a burden.

Being forward with your emotions will push the wrong people away.

You don’t want to waste your time and your energy on the wrong person. Even if your clinginess chases some people away, they were probably a bad match for you, so really, you saved yourself some heartbreak. You weeded out the wrong people before you got too attached. If the worst thing that being honest does is push the incompatible people away, you’re doing something right.

You’re only clingy because you care.

If you didn’t care, you wouldn’t be trying so hard. You wouldn’t be so excited to talk to this other person and to see them in person again. You would be completely fine waiting days, weeks, or even months to cross paths again. The fact that you’re impatient to text them or make plans with them is a positive sign. Don’t waste your time with anyone who sees it as a negative. If you’re not excited about this person, then they’re probably not the right one.

Clingy behavior is pretty normal behavior in serious relationships.

When you’re first getting to know someone, it’s frowned upon to double text them and ask to hang out every week and say those three little words. But once you’re in a committed relationship, those things become normal. So even if you’re struggling at the start of your relationships, know that things will get easier once you find the right person and end up in a committed relationship. You might not be the best at first dates, but you’ll be amazing in long-term relationships.