Why You Shouldn’t Regret Loving The People Who Hurt You

It’s easy to regret loving someone who betrayed you or hurt you, and it’s easy to regret giving someone a chance when you had a feeling that they wouldn’t do right by you. It’s easy to regret any decision that caused you pain, disappointment, or heartbreak, but lately, I’ve been thinking that you shouldn’t regret loving anyone, no matter what the outcome was, because they probably needed your love at that time. You gave them your love when they needed it. You made their lives a little easier when they almost lost hope. You made them feel alive even for a short time. You rekindled their faith in love when they were bruised and broken.

You shouldn’t regret loving anyone because at that time, they moved your heart too. They made you want to give and be vulnerable again. They reminded you that you’re still capable of loving again and taking a risk on someone again, and you’re still capable of connecting deeply with people. They reminded you that you can still overcome your trust issues if you think someone is worth a shot. They opened up your eyes and your heart to things you were not aware of and they taught you something about yourself that you wouldn’t have learned otherwise.

You shouldn’t regret being honest and genuine, even if they lied to you, because this is how you know how to love and this is who you are, it’s not your problem that they don’t see love the way you do. It’s not a war you have to engage in to prove that you can outsmart them or become a better liar. It’s not a game you want to play because you are not someone who plays with people’s hearts. You are not someone who is going to stoop to their level just to get even. You shouldn’t regret being the bigger person or the better person because when you move on, you will move on without feeling guilty. You will move on without feeling that you misled or used anyone. You will move on without feeling like there’s more you could have done.

You shouldn’t regret loving the wrong people, because at that time, you saw the best in them. You believed what they told you. You treated them with the respect and kindness that you want others to treat you with. You saw the potential they had and maybe you inspired them to be better people when you were in their lives. You showed them that they are worth loving and maybe you introduced them to a kind of love they’ve never experienced before and that’s all you can walk away with. That’s all you need to remember when thinking about them, regardless of what they did to you.

You brought them happiness. You made a difference in their lives somehow. You lit up their darkness in some way and they also enlightened you. They brought you closer to yourself and closer to figuring out the kind of person you want to be with in the future. They made you more aware of certain patterns that you will not repeat. They may not have given you the happy ending you wanted, but they brought you closer to it because your love doesn’t shrink based on someone’s inability to love you back. You will always be the person who gives all their heart when you are shown the kind of love you desire, and all that love you’ve given is not lost—it will be returned to you in magnificent ways. You can’t regret loving someone, you can only regret not loving them right when you had the chance.