Why Your Destiny Is Making You Wait

Destiny is a phenomenon that is fascinating yet has unknown layers to it waiting to be discovered. It is something we know but somewhat don’t at the same time. Everything that is destined for you, undoubtedly and uniquely, is going to reach you indeed. It is just a matter of time.

We always have wanted newness; we seek what our heart desires. New things that take us back home or new things that feel like contentment. We can also say that we look for some things that excite our soul. But everything that we look for doesn’t always come when we think we need them. At times, things that are destined for you are delayed because you are not prepared for them. You may need to maybe sacrifice a couple of bad habits or look at the brighter side of things. You might have to bury the dead in the past or even let some people go, only to realize that your life can’t continue with the same old pattern anymore. Whenever you begin to overthink your fate or question your future, remember that your destiny has already been written. Whatever is destined to be yours will be, and whatever isn’t will never be.

It is the same for seeking and asking for happiness. It comes in waves. We learn to see the bad to appreciate the good later. Life is all about patience, and patience is what you have to endure through all the bad times. The pain, the sadness, the delays are all temporary. Most often, we fail to remember that nothing in this world remains. Every single moment is a moment of change. The state we are in is gonna change, whether it’s our happy times or sad ones. All it needs is patience to wait for the good times to roll.

The only thing you need to know and should believe is that it’s all written for you. Whatever will be the best for you will come your way. After all, all good things take time.