While Modern Dating, It's Brave To Wear Your Heart On Your Sleeve

With Modern Dating, It’s Braver Than Ever To Wear Your Heart On Your Sleeve

Modern dating has turned mixed signals and ghosting into the norm. It’s easier than ever to hide your real feelings behind a screen, to leave others on read and drop out of their lives without a word. You don’t have to give an explanation when you walk away, and you don’t have to admit your feelings when you’re hit hard with a crush. It’s become socially acceptable to leave others without answers, to keep things open-ended and unlabeled – and if you don’t need to make your feelings clear, why would you? It’s easier to keep quiet than to speak the secret words that have been running through your head. It’s easier to risk staying alone than risk putting yourself out there.

It’s brave to wear your heart on your sleeve when everyone else is trying to play it cool. It’s brave to admit that you have feelings for someone, to let yourself be vulnerable when it would be so much easier to keep your feelings locked inside. Even if you end up with your heart shattered in the dirt, you should be proud of yourself for being honest about what you want. You should give yourself a pat on the back because most people are lying to themselves and the rest of the world. They’re building walls in order to protect themselves. So if you’re able to tear those walls down and speak from the heart, you should be happy with yourself. That means you’re courageous. That means you’re really ready to love and to be loved.

Never let the rest of the world convince you to quiet your thoughts, or to act more subtle with your feelings, because what you’re doing is wonderful. The right person is going to find your honesty refreshing. They’re going to be relieved that you’re so straightforward with them, that you skip past the games and say exactly what you’re thinking. The right person is going to give you the same energy that you’re putting out in the world. They’re going to tell it to you straight without making excuses or putting off uncomfortable conversations. You might not have found that person yet, but they’re out there. And they’re looking for you, too.

Remember, there’s nothing wrong with speaking from the soul. It’s incredibly brave to wear your heart on your sleeve, especially in this modern age, because no one expects it from you. People expect coldness and casualness. They expect you to dance around your answers and avoid admitting how you really feel. But if you’re able to be transparent with partners, you’re going to go far. After all, communication is crucial in relationships. You’re never going to last as a couple if you can’t be honest with each other – and you’re never going to become a couple unless you’re clear about where you stand. Even though the wrong people might make you feel weird about how upfront and honest you are, the right people are going to love this about you. It’s what’s going to make your relationship so unbreakable.