23 Of The Most Disturbing Death Scenes Ever Filmed

Reddit users talked about the most disturbing death scenes in cinematic history. Some are surprising, others you can guess from a mile away. (Tip: if you’re looking for a list of the most disturbing movies ever made, head over to this list on Creepy Catalog.)

1. On the Toilet

The toilet guy in jurassic park 1.

The Lovely Bones

2. The Lovely Bones

Some times I think about the Lovely Bones, especially when I talk to strangers. That movie upped my paranoia when I was a kid.


3. Goo

When the bad guy kills the shoe by dipping it into the goo in Who Framed Roger Rabbit.

That one is so fucking terrible, man. If you think about it those toons don’t even have the notion of what death is. When a toon is shot in the face they just get real dirty or, worst case scenario, turn into a cartoon angel only to come back to normal by next week.

Not that shoe, though. The shoe is gone forever. It’s the first and only one of their kind to ever meet total oblivion and just die for good. That’s gotta be a doozy.


4. Cold Air

The scene from The Brave Little Toaster where the air conditioner goes off the deep end and explodes himself


Update: I had no idea this movie was so influential to other people too. I’m glad I’m not alone because I don’t know many people who’ve even heard of it!


5. Full Metal Jacket

Private pile. Full metal jacket.

It just looks so damn real and I totally didn’t expect it first time round.

My Girl

6. My Girl

Oh Jesus, this is another one that still gets me. Not his death so much, but the girl’s reaction at the funeral, “he can’t see without his glasses”, still makes me sob to this day and I first saw it in the cinema when it was released! This thread is either really good for me or really bad for me right now, I dunno, but my partner died last week and it kind of feels good to have all these comments making me think of other things that make me cry. Not sure what that’s about.


7. Saving Private Ryan

Tom Hanks’ death in Saving Private Ryan – his struggle to say the words “earn this” and seeing the impact of those words on Pvt Ryan’s face amidst the chaos of the Germans assaulting their position. It’s a very powerful scene esp when coupled with the final scene of the movie.


8. The Blob

Most of the deaths in the 80s THE BLOB movie

They did a good job of making every death look painful. Like people still alive as the skin is sucked off their face

That little boy getting killed…so graphic!


9. American History X

The curb stomp in American History X.


10. Face Melting

It has to be the face melting in Raiders of the Lost Ark. I mean, it was perfect.


11. The Never Ending Story

Artax, in The Neverending Story. Completely wrecked 7-year-old me.


12. Old Yeller

The dog getting shot in Old Yeller. It’s a really old movie/book, but it still always gets me, same with My Dog Skip, he doesn’t get shot though, he just dies of old age, still sad.

The Lion King

13. Mufasa

Mufasa… Lost my dad at a very young age.


14. MASH

Not a movie, but there was an episode of MASH I saw as a kid that traumatizes me to this day.

The whole episode (which I haven’t seen since I was about 9 so forgive any incorrect details) is about a group of army and civilians hiding from the enemy. One lady has a chicken, and they keep telling her to keep it quiet because if it gives away their position they’ll all be dead.

We find out she smothered the chicken to death to save everyone. But the horror twist is that the soldier telling the story had replaced the actual source of the noise… Her human baby… With a chicken because it was so horrible.

I have children now and the thought of making that choice makes me sick to my stomach.


15. Gage

Pet Sematary- when Gage gets hit by the 18 wheeler.


16. The Green Mile

When Percy executes Del by using dry sponge in The Green Mile.


17. The Mummy Returns

When in The Mummy Returns Imhotep realises what Rick and Evie have is love and he looks at Anaksunamun imagining the same but she just nopes out and he yeets himself to the underworld.

Also, the man who dies from flesh-eating beetle.

Ghost Ship

18. Ghost Ship

Ghost ship. When cable snaps and cuts bunch of people who were happily dancing on deck in half.


19. Bubba

When Bubba was dying in Forrest Gump. Him saying “I wanna go home” hit me deep. Even though I know he was acting, I wanted to reach through the screen and hug his fear and pain away. All those young boys dying in the jungle must have been so terrified.


20. Goose

Goose in Top Gun.

He’s all happy with his family playing great balls of fire on the piano and then he’s dead.


21. Little Foot’s Mom

Little Foot’s mom in The Land Before Time.

When I first saw it as a kid it was the first time that I realized that my parents could die. That thought had never even really occured to me at that point.

Even now as an adult that scene where he thinks he sees her but it’s just his shadow and the narrator says, “Then Little Foot knew for certain he was alone.” is still burned in my memory.


22. Stranger Things

Bob from stranger things killed me inside.

I am Legend

23. Sam the Dog

Sam the dog in I Am Legend. I assumed she was a male dog up until the point Neville calls her Samantha and for some reason that destroyed me. Great little sucker punch in the writing.