You Are My Light In The Dark

In a world so dreary a world of decay, division, and disdain

In a world where kindness seems a trait of the insane

In a world where virtue is replaced with the signaling of worth

In a world where I’ve been rejected, seemingly from birth

In a world where cruelty seems the norm of the day

I find it difficult to trust when someone says it doesn’t have to be this way

A beautiful butterfly has flown into this world of contempt

And I’m left wondering, how could she love me? There must be more to the intent

But if I shut my heart off every time I fear to be hurt

With a sickness like mine, would fear always have the final word?

I feel a love unique, precious, and true

And it scares me to death of the pain of the trust I have in you

You are my beautiful butterfly, my magandang paruparo

You give me strength when I’m feeling weak and alone

You have helped lift me up from the depths of despair

Filled my lungs with love when they struggled for air

Given me trust in my voice, belief of a place in this world

A heart that beats with mine, a gift from this beautiful girl

But not a girl, a woman who loves me with bravery of my fears

For when they take over, it’s proven I don’t suffer alone over the years

You’ve given me sight when all seems gloomy and dark

You kindled the fires with kindness so true, it was the needed spark

You quieted the voices, silenced the laughter, and calmed the storm

That has raged through my life and I feared a new norm

And I’ve watched as the world descended in madness alongside

And you’ve given me faith that God is truly on my side

With His hand in my left and yours in my right

I will trust my heart when mind goes to the place of night

You give me a guiding light on the darkest of days

Just knowing you care guides me back when I’ve lost my way

I’ve lost faith in humanity, but I’ve found faith in you

I will trust my heart, and it tells me, of all my doubts, your love is true

You are the woman of my dreams, a woman as true as any other

My love for you I couldn’t ever give to another

Our love gives me purpose, keeps me pushing through the night

Because though things have been dark I know you’re leading me back to the light