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You Are Worthy Simply Because You Exist

I hope you know that you deserve to be happy.

Nothing you’ve ever done or experienced could make you unworthy of joy. You are not perfect, and you will make mistakes. That doesn’t mean you don’t matter. It doesn’t mean that you should be punished. Please, don’t judge or hate yourself for your perceived flaws and imperfections. They do not make up the root of your being. Do not despise your own humanity.

You might deprive yourself of happiness without realizing it, sure that you don’t deserve the light you crave. My darling, you are worthy simply because you exist. I’ll say that again: You are worthy because you exist. Do you believe that deep down in your soul? Do you understand, with every fiber of your being, your inherent worth, your place in this world? 

You might make yourself small, afraid to take up space. Perhaps the world taught you that you are too loud, too opinionated, too silly… too much. Sometimes others are threatened by those who shine brightly and won’t dim their light. They see their own insecurities reflected in your refusal to be something you are not, and they make you doubt yourself. They chip away at your confidence and undermine you for your differences until you hide yourself away. Who were you before the world told you who you should be? Return to your core, your childlike self, the version of you that played, laughed, and created without any filters. What did you love before the opinions of others interfered?

You might feel shame or disappointment towards yourself, afraid that revealing your truth will bring on judgment or rejection from those around you. Show some compassion and kindness towards yourself—none of us want to end up alone. Wanting to be accepted and included is so very human, a trait we all share. We want it so badly that we give up on ourselves, our authenticity, our truths to gain it. Ask yourself, are you living a lie? Are you showing the most genuine version of yourself to the world, or are you watering down your soul so that you’ll be liked? You’ll never get everyone to accept you. It’s tempting to try, but that’s a losing game. It’s time to start prioritizing liking yourself above everything and everyone. You won’t find happiness living as a fragment of who you truly are. 

You are not made up of the opinions and thoughts of others. When you start to love yourself and believe in your own worth, the rest melts away. No one and nothing can shake you, because you know yourself. You know that you are here to shine your own unique light on the world. You know that your happiness is a birthright and no longer negotiable. 

You deserve to believe in yourself. You deserve to show all of yourself, no matter what anyone else might think. You deserve to express, dream, and create without limits. You deserve to live in peace and contentment. You deserve your own acceptance, grace, and compassion. You deserve to be happy.