You Can't Compromise With Toxic Humans

You Can’t Compromise With Toxic Humans

Toxic humans are never going to meet you halfway. They are never going to come to a mature, healthy, adult agreement with you. You’re wasting your breath by trying to explain your side of the situation, by trying to understand where they’re coming from, by trying to handle any issue in a respectful way. It doesn’t matter how well you treat them because they will find a reason to make you the enemy, to act like you’re some horrible monster – unless you completely cave and give them what they want. With a toxic human, you can’t win. If you’re nice to them, they’ll try to take advantage of your soft heart. And if you’re mean, if you sink to their level, they’ll use whatever you say against you. They’ll use it as ammo to prove their point, that you’re some evil mastermind trying to make their life miserable.

Toxic humans are going to scream and cry and manipulate you until you give into them. Their intention is to break you down. They want to exhaust you. They want you to feel so tired of fighting with them that you’ll give up and let them have their way because it’s easier than continuing the argument. They know that you’re going to give in if they keep chipping away at you, if they keep attacking you, if they keep guilt tripping you. They’ll be so adamant that they’re right that you’ll start to wonder whether you’re the one in the wrong. After all, they can’t really be this immature, can they? There must be something that you’re missing. Toxic humans want you to second guess yourself. They want you to doubt your own reality, so that you’ll lower your standards and let them get away with unreasonable behavior.  

You should never waste your time trying to compromise with a toxic human because they only want to have things their way. They will take and take and take without caring about what it does to you. They don’t care about hurting your feelings. They only care about getting their way – and they’ll do whatever it takes for that to happen. If you never stand up to this person or walk away from this person, they will steal all of your time and energy and good will. They will deplete you emotionally. And all the while, they will believe they’re the good guy. They will convince themselves that they’re the hero and anyone who dares to have standards and speak up to them is the villain. They will refuse to take responsibility for their actions, and they accuse others of doing exactly what they’re doing – manipulating.

You can’t compromise with toxic humans, so your best bet is to walk away. Let them scream about you on social media and to the friends they’ve actually managed to keep. Let them poison themselves with hatred while you move on with your world, while you live your best life filled with people who actually appreciate you and want to watch you thrive.