You Deserve A Love Story That Feels As Magical As This

And suddenly, someone will come into your life and they will make you understand what all the fuss is about, why all these poems and books about love were written, and the reason why all these songs were created and all these artists went crying their hearts out on stage. You’ll understand the reason all these movies, series, plays, short films, and works of art about love were made, and why so many people out there kept daydreaming about it and even spent many sleepless nights because of it. You’ll understand why artists stayed up late and decided to pour their hearts out to the world and create a masterpiece that depicts all that they were feeling—all because of love. 

You might spend your whole life not understanding why people make such a big deal out of love, but one day someone will come into your life and you’ll get it. You might even find yourself going out of your way and creating things that never crossed your mind just to immortalize this love and document it for life. You might find yourself doing things you never expected just to express what you’re feeling. You might find yourself acting how you wouldn’t normally act or get a bit crazy or too spontaneous and goofy because of it. You might find your whole world turning upside down and transforming and never returning the same. 

You might find words dripping from your mouth that you wouldn’t usually say and doing things your usual self wouldn’t do, but that’s the thing, really—love changes us. It can make us feel like kids again. It can make us more open and more loving to the whole wide world. Love hits us when we least expect it and it starts to show us what we’ve been missing all along. It’s powerful, magical, and beautiful.

I used to think that all these movies idealized love way too much and showed it like this out-of-this-world, magical thing in an unrealistic way, but it turns out that not all of them are unrealistic, because the magic and beauty that accompany love are so damn real. 

So, please don’t just settle for any love, but make sure you go for the one that makes you understand why all these people before you did all these things in the pursuit of it. Go for the one that makes you understand why people changed so much and sacrificed all these things for it. And why did they let their lives get turned upside down like this? Find the one that makes you get why those who swore never to love again opened their doors for it once again.

Make sure you get to be with someone who makes you understand what’s all the fuss about. Someone that makes you feel this magic. Being logical and using your mind while falling in love is not bad, but make sure you accompany all this with this magic that comes with love. No matter how practical things are right now, I hope you can let yourself live this beautiful thing and allow yourself to feel something as magical as this.

Because in a world full of plans and schedules and where everything is calculated, one of the best things you could ever do is to let yourself experience some unexpected and spontaneous love. In a world that’s full of tragedies, awful news, and people constantly asking you to be the most realistic version of yourself, you just need to let yourself feel some magic and experience some out-of-this-world love that feels unreal. I hope you let yourself live this at least once in your life. Because my dear, you deserve to live a love story.