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You Deserve More Than A Situationship

I don’t know who needs to hear this, but I know it’s someone:

You deserve more than a situationship.

Because situationships are misleading by design. Situationships often consist of a skewed dynamic, one with one person being ready for a defined relationship while the other strings them along with the hope of “maybe one day” hanging in the air.

And if you’re the person who is ready for something real, you know how much it hurts to wait to be chosen, especially because you’ve already chosen them.

Here’s the thing: You deserve to be chosen, too. You’re not an option. You’re not a test drive. You’re not a backup plan.

You deserve better than waiting around for someone to make up their mind about you and what they want. You deserve more than just “seeing where things go.” You deserve more than “maybe.” You deserve better than one day.

You deserve to know where you stand. You deserve to be chosen. You deserve love right here, right now.

Stop settling for situationships and go find the real thing.