You Deserve More Than A Mixed Signals Man
Samantha Garrote

You Deserve More Than A Mixed Signals Man

You deserve more than someone who sends mixed signals, who can’t give you a straight answer, who makes you wonder what’s on their mind because they won’t say the words aloud or answer your texts. You shouldn’t have to guess what your person is thinking. They should be transparent with you. Emotional conversations shouldn’t feel like pulling teeth. They should be excited to share their thoughts and opinions with you. They should be eager to sit you down and talk through their day. You should be the person they don’t have to tiptoe around, the person they speak to freely without worrying about being judged.

You deserve more than someone who is wishy washy with you, someone who refuses to put a real label on your relationship. The least this person can do is explain what you mean to them. If they want to be with you, then they should say the words. And if they aren’t interested in a relationship, they should say that too. They shouldn’t leave you hanging. They shouldn’t string you along in the hopes that you’ll keep giving them attention even though they aren’t giving you what you want. This person should want to keep you updated because sending mixed signals will obviously put you in a bad mood. It will obviously upset you. If they actually care about you as much as they claim, then they wouldn’t want to keep you up at night, wondering what on earth is going through their head. They wouldn’t want to put you through that type of stress and uncertainty.

You deserve more than someone who says one thing and means another. Someone whose actions and words never line up. Someone who breaks every single promise that they make. If this person was right for you, then they would respect you enough to be honest with you. They would tell you the truth, even when it hurts. They would have the hard conversations because it’s better than leaving you lost and uncertain. It’s better than keeping you out of the loop. The right person would never make you wonder whether they have lost interest – or whether they’ve ever been interested in the first place. The one for you should compliment you. They should reassure you that they care. They should remind you how much you mean to them. They shouldn’t be shy about their feelings. They should scream their love for you from the rooftops.

You deserve more than a man who sends mixed signals. Who treats you one way today, then changes their tune tomorrow. You deserve someone who is reliable and consistent. Someone who rises to your expectations every single day, not only on the days when it’s convenient. Never settle for someone fickle again, because you deserve a partner who spells out their feelings so you never have to guess whether you’re on the same page. Someone who isn’t afraid to be vulnerable with you. Someone who makes you feel valued and appreciated every single day, without exception.