Ben Mack

You Don’t Have To Walk Through This Life Alone

I hope you know that whatever it is that you’re going through or battling or trying to work out in your head, you don’t have to do it alone. 

You don’t have to hold back your tears when you’re reeling from heartbreak. You’re allowed to lean on the ones who love you, and let them hear your cries, and let them dry your tears. You’re allowed to talk about what hurts, what you’re afraid of, and the fact that you’re feeling a little lost and unsure of where to place your feet next.

You don’t have to do it alone. 

You don’t have to keep your fears tucked away in the darkest corners of your heart. You’re allowed to speak them into existence and let them live in the light. You’re allowed to let your friends and family in on what is sitting with you day and night. You’re allowed to be afraid—but you’re also allowed to take the flashlight that a loved one offers as you make your way out of the dark.

You don’t have to do it alone.

You don’t have to walk through a significant life event alone. It’s okay to ask for help with your kids so that you can get an hour to yourself; it’s okay to ask your spouse or partner to be by your side for an ultrasound that’s got you worried. It’s okay to ask your friends or family to accompany you to sit with you at a doctor’s appointment—even if they are waiting in the parking lot. It’s okay to take the medication and never miss a therapy appointment. It’s okay to ask someone you love to sit with you as you try and plan a loved one’s funeral. 

There’s nothing wrong with needing people. There’s nothing wrong with wanting company through life’s more challenging moments, nothing wrong with wanting a friendly face to share your pain with, or someone to sit in comfortable silence with, or a loved one to hold your hand as you wait and worry.

You don’t have to walk through this life alone.