You Have The Power To Choose Your Happiness

You can choose happiness. 

Most people don’t understand that joy is a decision that you make. Life doesn’t control your happiness. You do. You are capable of consciously choosing joy every single day, no matter what happens. We usually live in victimhood, believing that life happens to us rather than for us. It’s a helpless mindset, one that keeps us from expanding and evolving. When you choose to believe you have no control over your life, you lose your sense of empowerment and sovereignty. 

It is true that there is much that you cannot predict about the outside world. Ironically, we most often focus our energy on attempting to control that which we never will, but relinquish our decision-making power in those areas we can. This keeps us small, frustrated, and unhappy. One of the only realms where we can consistently exercise sovereignty is that of our perception. No matter what happens around us, we can make a conscious choice about how to receive it.

The trick is that you must make the choice unconditionally. It cannot rely on any outside factors. You don’t choose to be happy when A, B and C happen. You don’t choose to only be happy if D, E and F don’t happen. It’s accepting all of it equally as it comes to you. It doesn’t depend on elements of life that you don’t control, because this once again takes the choice out of your hands. Your happiness rests on you showing up every single day and consciously deciding to find the joy in everything. 

Life happens. It’s inevitable. You choose how to respond to it. When so much is beyond your control, why not enjoy yourself? After all, whether you live in misery or contentment, nothing else changes. The feelings happening within you don’t shift what’s outside of you. The events around you will unfold in the same way. The change is simply in your perspective.

For instance, you might have an interaction with someone that causes you to feel pain or stress inside. You can carry this feeling around with you, letting it ruin your day. That does nothing to change what’s already occurred, nor does it affect the other person involved. It’s only hurting you. Why do that to yourself? Why carry that burden when you can instead release it and move on? 

We are all shouldering so much weight that doesn’t truly belong to us. We don’t even realize that we have the power to drop it whenever we choose. 

Your time here is short. Maybe you’ve forgotten that, stuck in the details of everyday life that so often distract from what’s of real importance. Maybe you’ve felt trapped for so long that you don’t believe there’s another way. Sometimes we get bogged down in the fear and anxiety our brains manufacture and we forget our thoughts and emotions aren’t who we are. We identify with them, and thus we lose ourselves. We lose our way. We forget that we are beautiful spirits, souls, light that deserves the opportunity to shine for ourselves and those around us. 

Whether you know it or not, if you are living unhappily, you are in some way choosing it. Sometimes victimhood feels familiar, even safe, but it will never elevate your vibration. It takes work to see where you are letting life control you and learn to instead regulate your own inner world. You are not your thoughts, your feelings, or your emotions. You are simply the awareness that observes them and everything else around you. When you decide not to identify with every ebb and flow that passes through, you can begin to find peace and grounding within. You can decide what you want your reality to be. You can choose happiness.