mauro savoca

You, Me, And The Secret Game We Play

One year

Since you walked in a door

And changed my life

Awakened something inside

I didn’t know was there

It burned hot

And dangerous

I pushed myself closer and closer

Unaware of the risk

Until it was too late

You pulled away

You shut me out

Made me feel crazy

Flung words at me

So thoughtlessly

Words that still make my chest ache when I think of them

And make my hands shake

But I patched myself slowly

Forgot your touch

Forgot your smell

And the sound of your voice

Thoughts of you didn’t haunt my mind

I knew I was going to be fine

And then unexpectedly,

You dropped back into my life like lightning

On a cloudless day

And I should have left it alone

Shouldn’t have allowed you back in

But seeing your name

Took my breath away

And there was never any doubt

That this was going to start up again

I knew that was what I wanted

Was it what you wanted too?

Did you think about me?

Did you miss me?

And as impossible as this situation is, the second time was new

It still burned hot

But deeper

It felt like something real

But there was no way for it to be real

Still, the pull to you is so strong

I can’t even pretend to fight it

How can something be wrong

When it feels so natural

And right?

So we play our secret game

No guilt, no shame

I will take all the risk

I will take the blame

I will carry the weight

I will lie to protect you

Lie to be with you

Never ask that much of you

Because I want this so much

I will take what you give me

I need what you give me

You’ve brought me something too

Something I never knew

And you leave me with a happy anticipation

For the next time I will see your face