You Never Really Lose The People Who Touch Your Soul, Even When They Leave

Sometimes the universe gifts us certain people, special little souls to help guide us along our path, to walk with us for a little while while we figure out our next steps. They gracefully dance on down into our world and completely inspire us to change our whole perception on life, taking hold of our hands as they do so. They are our special little angels, a gift sent from the stars. Every inch of this person is colorful and wonderful and has the kind of energy that can light up a dark room.

These people help us to untangle the strings inside of us, the kind that may have a hold over us, the kind that hold any judgment or fear or any sort of shame. These people help us to understand that we are only human, that we make mistakes but that we are still beautiful despite our flaws. I believe the universe places these souls into our lives to teach us the lessons another being could not, that the most beautiful things in life are not found within an object or a place but rather through connection. Through the ways in which our hearts and our souls were carefully crafted with fragments of stardust, how we have the ability to connect so deeply through the touch of another’s fingertips or the flicker of a smile.

These people come into our lives to show us how to become the best versions of ourselves, to teach us what it means to have someone who is soft and true and genuine. They gently show us the magic that pours out from the cracks within our bones and the magic that consumes and inspires the people around us. They show us the magic we are made up of.

These special souls feel like home. They feel like our safest place in ways that paint our body with peace in ways that are indescribable. They not only see us for who we truly are, but they can feel us. They can feel our energy and the ways our minds carry our thoughts. They feel our souls, our hearts, the way we are feeling without any words needing to be exchanged. These people can show up in our lives in the form of friends, best friends, work colleagues, lovers, or someone completely different. Whichever way the universe decides to gift us with these human beings, they’re still just as special and important; you do not need to overthink the why’s or the how’s and instead allow their love to flow through you, allowing it to sink into your skin like rain.

Sometimes, these people dance their way into our lives, and that is where they stay for the rest of our time on this earth. They plant a home within our hearts and every perfectly made piece of their ribcage intertwines within our own, making each of our days that little bit brighter. They are our safest place, our greatest adventure, our biggest love story; we couldn’t imagine our lives without them. On the mornings where the clouds hang heavy and our mind feels messy from the world around us, these special souls are right beside us, their softness and calmness sinking into our skin as they place their hands over our own. They are with us throughout every step of our journey, growing older beside us as the crinkles beside our eyes that were once made from temporary memories become an everlasting, beautiful painting.

And sometimes, the most devastating truth is that these people, those we feel something so incredibly deep and meaningful with, are not always who we are supposed to spend the rest of our lives with. They leave before we are ready for them to; before we are ready for their chapter to come to an end. Sometimes they leave our lives peacefully and sometimes they do not. Sometimes they exit our lives in the most deeply upsetting ways, the kind that can leave us feeling broken into two, the kind that can leave scars deeply embedded within. I believe these are the times in which we have to choose to feel gratitude instead, no matter how hard it can be. Practice feeling the gratitude to have met someone who held our heart, who saw all of our scars yet decided to love and to nurse every inch of them, even if it was only for a season. These have to be the moments in which you choose to understand that these angels, the people who saved us in many different ways; they have other souls to visit. They have other fingertips to take a hold of.

Even if these people are not beside us anymore, the lessons they have taught us and the love they have planted within our hearts will always remain. They will always have a special place inside of our soul; they will forever be the person we talk to the stars about. Everyone we will ever come to love will know exactly who they are and the place they had inside of our lives. Their story will always remain tattooed into our skin as a permanent reminder of the soul who walked with us for a little while.