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Bring These 3 Zodiac Signs On Your Next Camping Trip


This sign is most likely to have spent a lot of time outdoors. They tend to be more adventurous – especially when those adventures involve nature – and are highly independent and resourceful. They’re handy to have if you need a few extra wilderness survival skills or just want an optimist on your side if things go wrong. Sagittarius is also a free spirit, so you won’t get sick of having them hang around on long trips.


Virgo is uber-organized and prepared for everything. They get along well with nature and generally find the great outdoors to be calming. They’re also big on peace and quiet, so they’d prefer to go somewhere more isolated for a true vacation. Virgo is definitely going to catch at least ten essential items you left off your packing list, and they’re bound to have endless backup supplies in case someone needs a first-aid kit, extra food, or more water. You definitely won’t have to worry about taking care of Virgo out in the woods – they know what they’re doing.


The sign of the bull is known for being extremely grounded and practical. They’re highly responsible and resourceful, making them good at preparing for anything and staying calm in stressful situations. They’re a handy person to have on your camping team – not only do they genuinely enjoy being out in nature, they’re also good at organizing a group and figuring out exactly what needs to be done. They’ll have your campsite set up in a flash – and even better, this sign tends to be amazing at cooking, too.