Rosie Ann

You Were The Right Person At The Wrong Time

Timing hasn’t been everything for me
As we moved on
On a path where we drifted apart
A path where it changed our lives forever

From the first day we met
I didn’t bother to pay attention that much
As you were just a friend of a friend
But you turned out to be more than that

As time went on
We got to know each other better
To the point where we texted each other every day
We felt like we knew each other forever

We weren’t in a relationship or anything
Even though I felt like we were
As we held each other for the first time
Dancing the night away

A couple of years after we graduated from college
We still kept in touch
As we go on into our adults lives
But things became complicated afterwards

The path that we were originally on together
Divided into two as time went on
A path that we were no longer on together
A path that I thought it would originally tie us together

Life has a way on how things will turn out
Turns out for the two of us
It was a dead end
A dead end of almost of what could have been

I know that we are still learning about ourselves
But you didn’t have to leave me on read like that
I wish I understood you better
As you go on with your own life elsewhere

It saddens me that it has to be this way
As I told you about my life
But you didn’t tell me yours
It was like you were keeping secrets from me

The day that we stopped talking
It broke my heart
And I had no words to say
As I lay in bed crying myself to sleep

People come and go in life
It saddens but it’s the truth
As I saw you slip away before my own eyes
I realized you were the right person

But during the wrong time of our lives