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You’ll Never Be Truly Happy Until You Become Your Own Peace

Are you happy in your current state or are there some things that could be better? I mean, seriously, are you in a state of complete bliss or are you obsessing over all of the things that you cannot change? If you are, then you are aiding in the disruption of your peace, therefore you are not happy.

It’s okay, because we all do it. I like to believe that we all have moments of constant obsessiveness. We allow certain situations to stay on our minds until we’ve damn near run out of scenarios as to how things could’ve gone. In other words, our constant rumination disrupts our peace, because sometimes we suck at letting shit go. For some reason, we hold everything so near and dear that we don’t realize that some shit just doesn’t fit. Some things are aiding us in the disruption of ourselves. In other words, you are standing in the way of your peace because you can’t just let shit go!

I am not accusing or pointing the finger, because I also have my moments. The thing is, I had to realize that it was me standing in the way of my peace, because not only was I holding on to things I couldn’t change, but I was also harboring expectations. What are you holding on to that is disrupting your peace? What are you currently allowing to block your tranquility?

Remember, your peace is located within you. Once you stop standing in your own way and allow it to flow, everything becomes so clear. Finding that inner peace isn’t the same for everyone, because sometimes it’s buried deep. That doesn’t mean it isn’t there, it just means you have to work a little harder to attain it, but it’s worth it.

When we are at peace, we’re assertive and we set boundaries. When you’re at peace, you won’t allow the things you can’t change to haunt your idle moments. When you’re at true peace, you damn sure won’t be worried about what anybody else has going on, because your peace is all that will matter. When you find your inner bliss, you won’t be worried about finding it anywhere, because you’ll just have it.

Did you know that your peace is also a direct correlation to your self-worth? Once you realize that you are worthy of bliss and tranquility, then it will become a part of your conscious thoughts. You’ll find yourself taking little moments to yourself and checking on your peace. It’ll become that part of you that you can’t believe you lived without. Are you ready to be your OWN peace? 

Ways to be Your OWN Peace: 

1. Focus on only the things you can control. 

2. Get to know yourself. 

3. Decipher your disruptors. 

4. Be mindful.