You’ll Never Understand True Intimacy Until You Learn To Love Yourself

Intimacy starts with YOU, as with almost everything in life. I truly believe that you can only be as intimate with and love someone else to the extent you truly know and love yourself.

What if you can only experience true intimacy with another human being when you stop running away from yourself? When you stop trying to hide the parts of yourself you’re afraid to look at? When you stop denying sides of yourself? When you stop closing your heart?

 What if you can only experience true intimacy with another human being when you start getting to know yourself on a deeper level first? When you start fully embracing ALL that you are? When you start fully expressing yourself no matter how much you fear rejection or judgment? When you start loving yourself fully?

Deep intimacy with one another is ultimately not just about attraction and passion. It is about allowing yourself to be vulnerable and to be FULLY seen, heard, loved, accepted, and held by someone else. And that can only happen when you see, listen to, love, accept, and hold yourself first.

So really think about this:

How well do you know yourself?

How deeply do you love and accept all parts of you?

How fully do you express your true self?

I believe that so many people are in relationships without ever experiencing true intimacy because they never truly experienced intimacy with themselves. 

In order to do so, we need to have the courage to look within. To start healing what needs to be healed. To be completely honest with ourselves. To let go of the beliefs and stories that no longer serve us. To shed the layers of us that do not truly belong to us. 

And that’s going to be very uncomfortable and scary at times. Not only because inner work is not always enjoyable but also because the more vulnerable we are, the greater our fear of rejection and judgment can be. However, HOW incredibly worth it is it if this inner work will allow you to create the most beautiful, most magical, most intimate relationships with other human beings?

Friends, family members, and lovers.

Intimacy equals the ability to meet yourself deeply while being with someone else—Into-Me-See.

So again, it all starts with YOU. It’s a lifelong journey and it’s a freaking exciting one to be on!